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electric blanket
electric burn
electric car
electric catfish
electric cell
electric chair
electric charge
electric circuit
electric clock
electric company
electric cord
electric current
electric dipole
electric dipole moment
electric discharge
electric discharge lamp
electric doublet
electric drill
electric eel
electric eye
electric fan
electric field
electric fire
electric frying pan
electric furnace
electric glow
electric guitar
electric hammer
electric healing
electric heater
electric lamp
electric light
electric light bulb
electric locomotive
electric main
electric meter
electric mixer
electric motor
electric organ
electric outlet
electric pig
electric potential
electric power
electric range
electric ray
electric razor
electric receptacle
electric refrigerator
electric resistance
electric sander
electric shaver
electric shock
electric socket
electric storm
electric switch
electric thermometer
electric toothbrush
electric typewriter
electrical cable
electrical capacity
electrical circuit
electrical condenser
electrical conduction
electrical contact
electrical converter
electrical device
electrical discharge
electrical distributor
electrical disturbance
electrical elastance
electrical energy
electrical engineer
electrical engineering
electrical fuse
electrical healing
electrical line of force
electrical outlet
electrical phenomenon
electrical plant
electrical power
electrical relay
electrical resistance
electrical shock
electrical shunt
electrical skin response
electrical storm
electrical switch
electrical system
electrical work