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family lobeliaceae
family lobotidae
family locustidae
family loganiaceae
family lomariopsidaceae
family lophiidae
family lophosoriaceae
family loranthaceae
family lorisidae
family loxomataceae
family lucanidae
family lutjanidae
family luvaridae
family lycaenidae
family lycoperdaceae
family lycopodiaceae
family lycosidae
family lygaeidae
family lymantriidae
family lythraceae
family machilidae
family macropodidae
family macrorhamphosidae
family macrouridae
family macruridae
family magnoliaceae
family majidae
family malacanthidae
family malpighiaceae
family malvaceae
family mammutidae
family man
family manidae
family manteidae
family mantidae
family mantispidae
family marantaceae
family marattiaceae
family marchantiaceae
family marsileaceae
family martyniaceae
family mastodontidae
family mastotermitidae
family mayacaceae
family medicine
family megachilidae
family megadermatidae
family megalonychidae
family megalosauridae
family megapodiidae
family megatheriidae
family melampsoraceae
family melanthiaceae
family melastomaceae
family melastomataceae
family meleagrididae
family meliaceae
family meliphagidae
family meloidae
family membracidae
family menispermaceae
family menuridae
family menyanthaceae
family meropidae
family micrococcaceae
family microdesmidae
family microhylidae
family mimidae
family mimosaceae
family miridae
family mniaceae
family mobulidae
family molidae
family molossidae
family momotidae
family moniliaceae
family monocanthidae
family monodontidae
family monotropaceae
family moraceae
family morchellaceae
family motacillidae
family mucoraceae
family mugilidae
family mullidae
family muraenidae
family muridae
family musaceae
family muscicapidae
family muscidae
family musophagidae
family mustelidae
family mutillidae
family myacidae
family mycetophylidae
family mycobacteriaceae
family mycoplasmataceae
family myctophidae
family myliobatidae