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family selaginellaceae
family sepiidae
family septobasidiaceae
family serranidae
family sialidae
family sillaginidae
family siluridae
family simaroubaceae
family simuliidae
family sirenidae
family sisyridae
family sittidae
family solanaceae
family soleidae
family solenidae
family soricidae
family spalacidae
family sparganiaceae
family sparidae
family sphaeriaceae
family sphaerobolaceae
family sphaerocarpaceae
family sphecidae
family spheniscidae
family sphingidae
family sphyraenidae
family sphyrnidae
family spirillaceae
family spirochaetaceae
family spirulidae
family squalidae
family squatinidae
family squillidae
family staphylaceae
family staphylinidae
family steatornithidae
family stenopelmatidae
family stercorariidae
family sterculiaceae
family stichaeidae
family stizidae
family strelitziaceae
family streptomycetaceae
family strigidae
family stromateidae
family strombidae
family strophariaceae
family struthionidae
family sturnidae
family styracaceae
family suidae
family sulidae
family sylviidae
family symplocaceae
family synchytriaceae
family syngnathidae
family synodontidae
family tabanidae
family taccaceae
family tachinidae
family tachyglossidae
family taeniidae
family talpidae
family tamaricaceae
family tapiridae
family tarsiidae
family taxaceae
family tayassuidae
family tecophilaeacea
family teiidae
family tenebrionidae
family tenrecidae
family tenthredinidae
family terebellidae
family teredinidae
family termitidae
family testudinidae
family tethyidae
family tetragoniaceae
family tetranychidae
family tetraodontidae
family tetraonidae
family tettigoniidae
family theaceae
family thelephoraceae
family thelypteridaceae
family theophrastaceae
family theraphosidae
family therapy
family theridiidae
family thiobacteriaceae
family thraupidae
family threskiornithidae
family thripidae
family thymelaeaceae
family tiliaceae
family tilletiaceae
family timaliidae