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genus claviceps
genus claytonia
genus cleistes
genus clematis
genus cleome
genus clethra
genus clethrionomys
genus clianthus
genus cliftonia
genus clinopodium
genus clintonia
genus clitocybe
genus clitoria
genus clostridium
genus clupea
genus clusia
genus cnemidophorus
genus cnicus
genus cnidoscolus
genus coccothraustes
genus cocculus
genus coccus
genus coccyzus
genus cochlearia
genus cochlearius
genus cocos
genus codariocalyx
genus codiaeum
genus coeloglossum
genus coelogyne
genus coelophysis
genus coereba
genus coffea
genus cola
genus colaptes
genus colchicum
genus coleonyx
genus coleus
genus colinus
genus collinsia
genus collinsonia
genus collocalia
genus colobus
genus colocasia
genus coluber
genus colubrina
genus columba
genus columnea
genus colutea
genus comandra
genus comatula
genus combretum
genus commelina
genus commiphora
genus compsognathus
genus comptonia
genus condylura
genus conepatus
genus conferva
genus conilurus
genus coniogramme
genus conium
genus connarus
genus connochaetes
genus conocarpus
genus conoclinium
genus conopodium
genus conospermum
genus conradina
genus consolida
genus contopus
genus conuropsis
genus convallaria
genus convolvulus
genus conyza
genus copernicia
genus coprinus
genus coptis
genus coracias
genus coragyps
genus corallorhiza
genus corchorus
genus cordaites
genus cordia
genus cordyline
genus cordylus
genus coregonus
genus coreopsis
genus coriandrum
genus corixa
genus cornus
genus corokia
genus coronilla
genus corozo
genus cortaderia
genus corticium
genus cortinarius