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Babbler  n.  
An idle talker; an irrational prater; a teller of secrets. "Great babblers, or talkers, are not fit for trust."
A hound too noisy on finding a good scent.
(Zool.) A name given to any one of a family (Timalinae) of thrushlike birds, having a chattering note.

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"Babbler" Quotes from Famous Books

... of my reforming you! (I said). How could I with any show of justice hope to reform you, the perfect model [2] of a beautiful, good man—I, who am but an empty babbler, [3] and measurer of the air, [4] who have to bear besides that most senseless imputation of being poor—an imputation which, I assure you, Ischomachus, would have reduced me to the veriest despair, except that the other day I chanced to come across the horse of Nicias, [5] the foreigner? ...
— The Economist • Xenophon

... "Silence, babbler," said Hamilton. "Before we go any farther, what about this matter of partnership you were ...
— Bones in London • Edgar Wallace

... liar and a silly babbler!" said the farmer in a rage, raising his stick threateningly. "You'd like to make people believe what isn't true, but you won't get any money out of me: I ...
— The Devil's Pool • George Sand

... was once a man at Bagdad who had seven sons, and when he died he left to each of them one hundred dirhems; and his fifth son, called Alnaschar the Babbler, invested all this money in some glassware, and, putting it in a big tray, from which to show and sell it, he sat down on a raised bench, at the foot of a wall, against which he leant back, placing the tray on the ground in front of ...
— Europa's Fairy Book • Joseph Jacobs

... babbler at his side; to the whisper in his ear; to himself, that spoke within himself. Even if it were not all true, if Lauzanne were beaten, what of it? He would lose a hundred dollars, but that would not ruin him; it would ...
— Thoroughbreds • W. A. Fraser

... aloud, And one to other said, "Good faith, of all The many works Ulysses well hath done, Wise in the council, foremost in the fight, He ne'er hath done a better, than when now He makes this scurril babbler hold his peace. Methinks his headstrong spirit will not soon Lead him ...
— The Iliad • Homer

... BELMOUR. Your fears are without cause; I mean it only, Lest any prying babbler might observe us, At such late hour, as we must be together. And I can have none other opportunity, Of giving her the quick relief she needs. Wherefore, her friend must serve her at this juncture. I know your ...
— The Female Gamester • Gorges Edmond Howard

... the latter part of this speech, Mynheer Krause committed a small mistake. He was known to be a babbler, one to whom a secret could not be imparted, without every risk of its being known; and it was from the knowledge of this failing in Mynheer Krause that Ramsay had received such very particular recommendations to him. As syndic of the town, it was impossible to prevent his knowledge of Government ...
— Snarley-yow - or The Dog Fiend • Frederick Marryat

... high value here placed upon speech must not be transferred to mere talk. The babbler will always be justly regarded with contempt. Without ideas, opinions, information, talk becomes the most wasteful product in the world, wasteful not only of the time of the person who insists upon delivering it, but more woefully and unjustifiably ...
— Public Speaking • Clarence Stratton

... "Verily, thou canst talk glibly! Is there another babbler like thee among thy brethren?[271] Why dost thou speak so much, while thy brethren that are older than thou, Reuben, Simon, ...
— The Legends of the Jews Volume 1 • Louis Ginzberg

... any relationship with Leonie, whom she referred to as "that good woman," "the other," who "is not I, she is too stupid." Eventually a third personality, known as Leonore, appeared who did not wish to be mistaken for either that "good but stupid woman" Leonie, nor for the "foolish babbler" Leontine. ...
— Introduction to the Science of Sociology • Robert E. Park

... thee. And when to-day I win thy blameless one— The smooth-limbed Damayanti—then shall be What was to be: and I can rest content, For always in my heart her beauty burns." Listening the idle talk that babbler poured, Angry Prince Nala fain had lopped away His head with vengeful khudga;[29] but, unmoved, Albeit the wrath blazed in his bloodshot eyes, He made reply: "Play! mock me not with jests; Thou wilt not jest when ...
— Hindu Literature • Epiphanius Wilson

... are a many together,' Katharine answered; 'the magister is a notorious babbler and will have ...
— The Fifth Queen • Ford Madox Ford

... certain until now that he could talk. On previous occasions their conversations had been limited to an "Is the headmaster in?" from Fenn, and a stately inclination of the head from Watson. The man was getting a positive babbler. ...
— The Head of Kay's • P. G. Wodehouse

... contrary, It is written (Ecclus. 20:7): "A babbler and a fool (imprudens) will regard no time." Now this is due to negligence. Therefore negligence is opposed ...
— Summa Theologica, Part II-II (Secunda Secundae) • Thomas Aquinas

... silly babbler, there is one of the former, at least, who does not hold him in dread. Thou wilt seek him beneath the Bridge of Sighs, and, showing the signet, deliver the package ...
— The Bravo • J. Fenimore Cooper

... sides with the Athenians who called St. Paul a babbler," said Van Berg, flushing; "yet truth compels me to admit that I could worship more sincerely at the 'Alter of the unknown God,' than before any conception of Deity that modern Theology has presented to my mind. That does not prove much, I am bound to say, ...
— A Face Illumined • E. P. Roe

... night long the cry of one oppressed with care, Till softened was his heart, and sweet became his lips with prayer. Then near the subtle tempter stole, and spake: "Fond babbler, cease! For not one 'Here am I' has God e'er sent to give thee peace." With sorrow sank the suppliant's soul and all his senses fled. But lo! at midnight, the good angel, Chiser, came, and said: "What ...
— Poems with Power to Strengthen the Soul • Various

... of recreation,— Who rules the world,—right well may I, Who serve him in that high relation: Amuse me, then, before you fly." Our cackler, pleased, at quickest rate Of this and that began to prate. No fool, or babbler for that matter, Could more incontinently chatter. At last she offer'd to make known— A better spy had never flown— All things, whatever she might see, In travelling from tree to tree. But, with her offer little pleased— ...
— A Hundred Fables of La Fontaine • Jean de La Fontaine

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