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Bearish   Listen
Bearish  adj.  
Partaking of the qualities of a bear; resembling a bear in temper or manners.
(Stock market) Fearful of or anticipating falling prices, as in the stock market; as, bearish sentiment inhibited buying.
(Stock market) Tending to cause prices to fall. "bearish news about inflation caused a sharp drop in the Dow."
Hence: Pessimistic.

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"Bearish" Quotes from Famous Books

... replied to my last question first; but I will not let you off about my sometimes bearish countrymen. I do assure you, the race of the Raleighs, with their footstep cloaks, is quite hors de combat; and so don't you think, Mr. Constantine, I may call them so, without any breach of good manners to them or duty to my country? For you see her ladyship ...
— Thaddeus of Warsaw • Jane Porter

... of Peer Gynt at its due value. Clemens Petersen, who, since the decease of Heiberg, had been looked upon as the doyen of Danish critics—had pronounced against the poetry of Peer Gynt, and Ibsen, in one of his worst moods, in a bearish letter, had thrown the blame of ...
— Henrik Ibsen • Edmund Gosse

... man was a bear was a matter of course, and bears probably do not themselves know how bearish they are. Sir Griffin, no doubt, was unaware of the extent of his own rudeness. And his rudeness mattered but little to Mrs. Carbuncle, so long as he acknowledged the engagement. She had not expected a lover's raptures from the one more than from the other. And was not there enough in ...
— The Eustace Diamonds • Anthony Trollope

... all who questioned we were on our way to the Nore to join a King's ship and fight the Frenchmen. To cover Le Marchant's lack of speech, we muffled his face in flannel and gave him a toothache which rendered him bearish and disinclined for talk. And so we came slowly down the coast, with eyes and ears alert for chance of crossing, and wondered at the lack of enterprise on the part of the dwellers there which rendered ...
— Carette of Sark • John Oxenham

... Egyptian in a sepulchral voice, and speaking slowly, "become very frail. Your eyesight has almost gone. You are sitting alone in a cauld room, cooking your ain dinner ower a feeble fire. The soot is falling down the lum. Your bearish manners towards women have driven the servant lassie frae your house, and your ...
— The Little Minister • J.M. Barrie

... to his arms. "How can I help it," she asked, with her customary bright smile, "when you give me such a bearish hug?" ...
— An Algonquin Maiden - A Romance of the Early Days of Upper Canada • G. Mercer Adam

... And again his articulate caresses sounded upon her shrinking lips, and he roared with laughter in his own satisfaction and in his enjoyment of her predicament. "You can't help yourself," he said, crushing her against him in a bearish hug. ...
— Tillie: A Mennonite Maid - A Story of the Pennsylvania Dutch • Helen Reimensnyder Martin

... dry land, through the first verse, and perceived him at a stand, I knew where the shoe pinched, and helped him to the next word, when he caught me up in an ecstasy, even as you saw but now. I promised, as the price of your admission, to hide me under his bearish gaberdine, and prompt him in the hour of need. I have just now been getting some food in the Castle, and am about to return ...
— Kenilworth • Sir Walter Scott

... speak. He records his minutest traits, such as his habit of pocketing the orange peels at the club, and his superstitious way of {204} touching all the posts between his house and the Mitre Tavern, going back to do it, if he skipped one by chance. Though bearish in his manners and arrogant in dispute, especially when talking "for victory," Johnson had a large and tender heart. He loved his ugly, old wife—twenty-one years his senior—and he had his house full of unfortunates—a blind woman, an invalid surgeon, a ...
— Brief History of English and American Literature • Henry A. Beers

... and many times since, have I wondered what made her marry, and if she really loved the bearish-looking man who occasionally stalked into the room, smoking cigars and talking very loudly, when he knew how her head was throbbing ...
— Homestead on the Hillside • Mary Jane Holmes

... persuasion: but the Positive man changes not at the call of Reason, though many of this class take up certain desires and are led by their pleasures. Among the class of Positive are the Opinionated, the Ignorant, and the Bearish: the first, from the motives of pleasure and pain: I mean, they have the pleasurable feeling of a kind of victory in not having their convictions changed, and they are pained when their decrees, ...
— Ethics • Aristotle

... hundred yards in the other direction, and soon have the intense satisfaction of seeing them stroll off toward the mountains. I wonder if I don't owe my escape on this occasion to my bicycle. Do the bright spokes glistening in the sunlight as they revolve make an impression on their bearish intellects that influences their decision in favor of a retreat. It is perhaps needless to add that, all through this mountain-pass, I keep a loose eye busily employed looking out ...
— Around the World on a Bicycle V1 • Thomas Stevens

... Forgive me too my bearish ways, old father! Lord God! how should I know, then, what a great ...
— The Works of Frederich Schiller in English • Frederich Schiller

... with his claws, far above where Wahb had reached. Then he strode rapidly along Wahb's trail. But the cub had seen enough. He fled back over the Divide into the Meteetsee Canyon, and realized in his dim, bearish way that he was at peace there because the Bear-forage ...
— The Biography of a Grizzly • Ernest Thompson Seton

... quickly. "I admit your argument; it was bearish; but I was particularly engaged this morning. You shall not have to complain of my conduct in the future, however, as I am resolved to mend my ways. See how ...
— Molly Bawn • Margaret Wolfe Hamilton

... Grosse so bearish and difficult before this visit to Como. As a rule Edmund was suavity itself, but this time even his gift of gently, almost imperceptibly, making every woman feel him to be her admirer was failing. How often he had been the ...
— Great Possessions • Mrs. Wilfrid Ward

... fellow with undoubted talent, but so bearish about his music. I gave it up, as you know, though I'm always the Heaths' very ...
— The Way of Ambition • Robert Hichens

... exclaimed Sara Emerson, hugging Emma with bearish enthusiasm. "No wonder you knew so much about my past and so little of my future. And I ...
— Grace Harlowe's Golden Summer • Jessie Graham Flower

... nothing but hunger, or care for its young, ever inducing it to go so much out of the ordinary track of its habits. But the love of the bear for honey amounts to a passion. Not only will it devise all sorts of bearish expedients to get at the sweet morsels, but it will scent them from afar. On one occasion, a family of Bruins had looked into a shanty of Ben's, that was not constructed with sufficient care, and consummated their burglary by demolishing the last comb. That disaster almost ...
— Oak Openings • James Fenimore Cooper

... honor of which cake and wine. Mr. P. was angry with us because we took no wine. If he had asked me civilly to drink his wife's health, I should probably have done so, but I am not to be frightened into anything. I made a funny speech and got him out of his bearish mood, and then we all proceeded to the portico to see if the new President had arrived—by which means we obtained a satisfactory view of two cows, three geese, one big boy in a white apron and one ...
— The Life and Letters of Elizabeth Prentiss • George L. Prentiss

... down his brushes and turned fully to her. "Avery darling, I'm sorry I was bearish this afternoon. You ...
— The Bars of Iron • Ethel May Dell

... sound of that soft bearish tread Ellen felt as if she were going to die. There had arrived at last that moment for which she had waited with an increasing faintness all that day, since the moment when Mr. Philip had caught ...
— The Judge • Rebecca West

... they hacked away at him very lustily, their axes had but little effect. At length, Short, who had his rifle loaded in his hand, and was ever as cool as a snow-ball, which, I conceive, is cooler than a cucumber, managed to get ahead of the bearish marauder, and looking him full in the face, ...
— Dick Onslow - Among the Redskins • W.H.G. Kingston

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