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Cockroach  n.  (Zool.) An orthopterous insect of the genus Blatta, and allied genera. Note: The species are numerous, especially in hot countries. Those most commonly infesting houses in Europe and North America are Blatta orientalis, a large species often called black beetle, and the Croton bug (Blatta Germanica, formerly Ectobia Germanica), also called the German cockroach.

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"Cockroach" Quotes from Famous Books

... the chimney-piece. Having done so, I stepped over to the table and sat down, taking up the pen and spreading the paper between myself and the ink-bottle. It was late, and something must be done. Writing the familiar word Ujijijijijiji, I caught a neighbourly cockroach, skewered him upon a pin, and fastened him in the centre of the word. At this supreme moment I felt inclined to fall upon his neck and devour him with kisses; but knowing by experience that cockroaches are not ...
— Cobwebs From an Empty Skull • Ambrose Bierce (AKA: Dod Grile)

... where many a worthy citizen's office trappings consist of an alpaca coat, a chair and a pine table, three or four fly-specked calendars and shabby ledgers, and a box of sawdust. To these may sometimes be added a pot of paste with a dead cockroach in it, or a hound dog either scratching ...
— Slippy McGee, Sometimes Known as the Butterfly Man • Marie Conway Oemler

... the sword swung in air, and the head of the fellow kneeling rolled on the threshold of the church. The others turned and fled. One man fell, the others with a curse stumbled over him, recovered themselves, and sped on. Father Anthony, as you might spit a cockroach with a long pin, drove his sword in the fallen man's back and left it quivering. The dying scream rang in his ears as he drew his pistols. He muttered to himself: 'If one be spared he win return with seven worse devils. No! they must die that the innocent may go safe,' and on ...
— An Isle in the Water • Katharine Tynan

... nor toads, nor lizards, nor any of the thousand and one other creatures, animate or otherwise, to which so many people have a rooted, and, apparently, illogical dislike. My pet—and only—horror has been beetles. The mere suspicion of a harmless, and, I am told, necessary cockroach, being within several feet has always made me seriously uneasy. The thought that a great, winged beetle—to me, a flying beetle is the horror of horrors!—was with me in my bedroom,—goodness alone knew ...
— The Beetle - A Mystery • Richard Marsh

... the specific instinct is less powerful and individual initiative greater.—Here is, for instance, the case of the Chlorion, where each animal possesses more considerable initiative.[75] It attacks the Cockroach. These insects are of an extremely varied size, according to age, and as they are also very agile the Chlorion is not certain of being always able to obtain victims of the same dimension. The orifice of its burrow, which it hollows in walls between ...
— The Industries of Animals • Frederic Houssay

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