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Compositae  n. pl.  (Bot.) A large family of dicotyledonous plants, having their flowers arranged in dense heads of many small florets and their anthers united in a tube. The daisy, dandelion, and asters, are examples.

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"Compositae" Quotes from Famous Books

... this superb view, one glowing April day, from the summit of the Pacheco Pass, the Central Valley, but little trampled or plowed as yet, was one furred, rich sheet of golden compositae, and the luminous wall of the mountains shone in all its glory. Then it seemed to me the Sierra should be called not the Nevada, or Snowy Range, but the Range of Light. And after ten years spent in the heart of it, rejoicing and wondering, bathing in its glorious floods of light, seeing ...
— The Mountains of California • John Muir

Words linked to "Compositae" :   family Ambrosiaceae, genus Conoclinium, Haplopappus, Anthemis, genus Erechtites, genus Callistephus, Ligularia, Silybum, genus Stevia, asterid dicot family, genus Cynara, Eriophyllum, genus Melampodium, genus Pericallis, Encelia, genus Raoulia, Scolymus, genus Erigeron, genus Bidens, genus Helianthus, genus Mikania, Hieracium, Helenium, genus Chrysothamnus, genus Cacalia, Bellis, Sonchus, genus Dendranthema, genus Brickelia, Prenanthes, genus Gerbera, genus Doronicum, genus Tagetes, genus Engelmannia, Leucogenes, Delairea, Gynura, Raoulia, Packera, Antennaria, genus Lagenophera, genus Artemisia, genus Centaurea, Bidens, family Asteraceae, genus Tithonia, aster family, Emilia, Mikania, Carduus, Carlina, genus Cichorium, genus Carduus, Chrysopsis, Tussilago, genus Heterotheca, Saussurea, genus Santolina, Townsendia, genus Matricaria, Solidago, Pericallis, genus Taraxacum, Ratibida, genus Ratibida, genus Cotula, genus Iva, chrysanthemum, genus Carlina, genus Carthamus, genus Baccharis, Silphium, Helichrysum, genus Actinomeris, genus Sanvitalia, genus Ageratina, genus Grindelia, Lindheimera, genus Delairea, genus Machaeranthera, Chrysothamnus, Pilosella, genus Balsamorhiza, Serratula, genus Calendula, genus Chrysanthemum, Picris, genus Gaillardia, Stenotus, Parthenium, genus Olearia, genus Trilisa, genus Elephantopus, Nabalus, Layia, genus Argyroxiphium, genus Layia, Cynara, Lactuca, genus Scolymus, Actinomeris, Argyroxiphium, Asteraceae, genus Lindheimera, Dendranthema, Arctotis, genus Antennaria, genus Helichrysum, Taraxacum, genus Anaphalis, Leucanthemum, genus Onopordon, genus Haastia, Felicia, genus Leontodon, genus Sonchus, genus Aster, Arctium, Tripleurospermum, genus Dimorphotheca, Piqueria, Anaphalis, genus Andryala, Senecio, composite plant, genus Boltonia, genus Pulicaria, Erigeron, genus Dahlia, genus Haplopappus, Machaeranthera, Tageteste, genus Catananche, Hulsea, genus Madia, genus Silybum, genus Filago, Chamaemelum, genus Arnoseris, Elephantopus, genus Lonas, genus Anacyclus, genus Craspedia, genus Saussurea, Tanacetum, Enceliopsis, genus Enceliopsis, Pulicaria, genus Lactuca, Lagenophera, genus Picris, Doronicum, Trilisa, genus Seriphidium, genus Chrysopsis, Carthamus, Xanthium, genus Hypochoeris, Seriphidium, Haastia, genus Antheropeas, Onopordon, genus Othonna, genus Pyrethrum, genus Gutierrezia, Hypochaeris, genus Conyza, genus Onopordum, genus Helipterum, Cirsium, Heterotheca, genus Arctotis, composite, compass plant, Cotula, Gerbera, Santolina, Arnoseris, pyrethrum, genus Tanacetum, genus Leucanthemum, Balsamorhiza, Tetraneuris, Conyza, Boltonia, Amberboa, Callistephus, Cnicus, genus Townsendia, Hazardia, genus Amberboa, Grindelia, Stokesia, Gnaphalium, everlasting, Brickellia, Sericocarpus, genus Encelia, genus Arctium, genus Emilia, Cichorium, Sanvitalia, genus Chaenactis, Olearia, genus Cosmos, genus Ursinia, Argyranthemum, genus Buphthalmum, genus Felicia, genus Gnaphalium, genus Wyethia, genus Tussilago, Brachycome, genus Pteropogon, genus Gazania, genus Stokesia, genus Verbesina, genus Ammobium, genus Solidago, Baccharis, Echinacea, Conoclinium, genus Arnica, Gerea, Homogyne, genus Achillea, genus Leontopodium, genus Tetraneuris, Leontopodium

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