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Enthrone  v. t.  
To seat on a throne; to exalt to the seat of royalty or of high authority; hence, to invest with sovereign authority or dignity. "Beneath a sculptured arch he sits enthroned." "It (mercy) is enthroned in the hearts of kings."
(Eccl.) To induct, as a bishop, into the powers and privileges of a vacant see.

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"Enthrone" Quotes from Famous Books

... thoughts were more than she could bear. In sudden impatience with herself, she exclaimed, "Pshaw! how silly I am!" and hastened upstairs, more like the old original Hetty than she had been for many days. Love could not enthrone himself easily in Hetty's nature: it was a rebellious kingdom. "Thirty-seven years old! Hetty Gunn, you're a goose," were Hetty's last thoughts as she fell asleep that night. But when she awoke the next morning, the same refrain, "Why not, ...
— Hetty's Strange History • Anonymous

... Declaration of Independence. Lashing out with the vehemence of Phillips against President Johnson's reconstruction policy, she warned, "There has been no hour fraught with so much danger as the present.... To be foiled now in gathering up the fruits of our blood-bought victories and to re-enthrone slavery under the new guise of Negro disfranchisement ... would be a disaster, a cruelty and crime, which would surely bequeath to coming generations a legacy of wars ...
— Susan B. Anthony - Rebel, Crusader, Humanitarian • Alma Lutz

... saying that "the sect professes a worship of Christ," and that is our present point of view. But we cannot leave them without noticing also how Indian they are in their unwillingness to define their thought, and in their readiness to enthrone a holy man and his relics. Undefined thought we see expressed in symbol. There are four doors to the sanctuary at Buchhoke,—the fakiri [Chet Rami ascetics'] door, the Hindu, Christian, and Mahomedan doors—expressing the openness of the ...
— New Ideas in India During the Nineteenth Century - A Study of Social, Political, and Religious Developments • John Morrison

... put not odours only forth, but words Sweeter far than fragrance: here the wandering wreaths twine crisper Far, and louder far exults the note of all wild birds. Thoughts that change us, joys that crown and sorrows that enthrone us, Passions that enrobe us with a clearer air than ours, Move and breathe as living things beheld round white Colonus, Audibler than melodies and visibler than flowers. Love, in fight unconquered, Love, with spoils of great men laden, Never sang so sweet from throat ...
— Studies in Song, A Century of Roundels, Sonnets on English Dramatic Poets, The Heptalogia, Etc - From Swinburne's Poems Volume V. • Algernon Charles Swinburne

... preserved in a papyrus now at St Petersburg, describes a mysterious island whereon there dwelt a monster most lovable and most forlorn: a creature so tenderly drawn, indeed, that the reader will not fail to enthrone him in the little company of the nobility of the kingdom of the fairy tale. Translations of the story by two or three savants have appeared; but the present version, which I give in its literal form, has been prepared ...
— The Treasury of Ancient Egypt - Miscellaneous Chapters on Ancient Egyptian History and Archaeology • Arthur E. P. B. Weigall

... boons, pledged with thee then, I now demand, O King of men, Of thee, O Monarch, good and just, Whose righteous soul observes each trust. If thou refuse thy promise sworn, I die, despised, before the morn. These rites in Rama's name begun— Transfer them, and enthrone my son. The time is come to claim at last The double boon of days long-past, When Gods and demons met in fight, And thou wouldst fain my care requite. Now forth to Dandak's forest drive Thy Rama for nine years and five, And let him dwell a hermit there With deerskin coat ...
— The Ramayana • VALMIKI

... promote extravagance, to increase taxes, and finally to produce riots and violence. Whenever such methods appear in municipal governments, it is the duty of good citizens, without respect to party, to depose the boss and enthrone the people. ...
— Recollections of Forty Years in the House, Senate and Cabinet - An Autobiography. • John Sherman

... women who always know themselves to be right. She was also one of those very few whom Providence favours by confounding dissentients. She was positive the chops would be ill-cooked: but what could she do? She was not in command here; so she waited serenely for the certain disasters to enthrone her. Not that the matter of the chops occupied her mind particularly: nor could she dream that the pair in question were destined to form a part of her history, and divert the channel of her fortunes. Her thoughts were about her own immediate work; and when the landlady rushed in with the chops ...
— The Shaving of Shagpat • George Meredith

... is my hope - Yea, that it fell by will and scope Of That Which some enthrone, And ...
— Moments of Vision • Thomas Hardy

... cigar I sit alone, Alone in twilight's undertone, With wav'ring shadows growing deep, While long-forgotten faces peep Midst curling mists of smoke, now blown Into a frame that doth enthrone A face that from my heart hath grown. Sweet mem'ries o'er my ...
— Cap and Gown - A Treasury of College Verse • Selected by Frederic Knowles

... world round me sleeps as I tarry, alone, soothing my ear with its quiet. How large and gray is the city of stone in which the many all hopes enthrone! Shall I, ...
— Look Back on Happiness • Knut Hamsun

... without immediately pronouncing on the subject she had promised to designate the Pope to whom obedience was due, after she had reached Paris and rested there.[2647] The second Jeanne replied with even more assurance; she declared that she knew who was the true archbishop and boasted that she would enthrone him. ...
— The Life of Joan of Arc, Vol. 1 and 2 (of 2) • Anatole France

... of a God sitting above the clouds among the cherubim, who blow their loud uplifted angel trumpets before Him, and humour [sic] Him as though He were some despot in an Oriental tale; but we enthrone Him upon the wings of birds, on the petals of flowers, on the faces of our friends, and upon whatever we most delight in of all that lives upon the earth. We then can not only love Him, but we can do that without which love has neither power nor sweetness, but is a phantom only, ...
— God the Known and God the Unknown • Samuel Butler

... you are like myself, Carol; you want to go back to an age of tranquillity and charming manners. You want to enthrone good ...
— Main Street • Sinclair Lewis

... here before half-past seven, and by then the moon will be rising. We will give her a regal harvest-supper, and enthrone her on the last sheaf. I have sent word to have it saved. And there shall be ...
— Hetty Wesley • Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

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