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Entireness  n.  
The state or condition of being entire; completeness; fullness; totality; as, the entireness of an arch or a bridge. "This same entireness or completeness."
Integrity; wholeness of heart; honesty. (R.) "Entireness in preaching the gospel."
Oneness; unity; applied to a condition of intimacy or close association. (Obs.) "True Christian love may be separated from acquaintance, and acquaintance from entireness."

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"Entireness" Quotes from Famous Books

... retained something of the character, though the park itself had long been broken into arable fields,—and in full view of the Great House, a beautiful structure of James the First's time, whose glassless windows and dilapidated doors form a melancholy contrast with the strength and entireness of the rich ...
— Our Village • Mary Russell Mitford

... the real ground and evidence of its own assurance of Shakspeare's supremacy, is the universal, deep, immovable conviction of it in the public feeling. There have been many acute essays upon his minor characteristics; but intellectual criticism has never grappled with Shaksperian ART in its entireness and grandeur, and probably it never will. We know not now wherein his greatness consists. We cannot demonstrate it. There is less indistinctness in the merit of less eminent authors. Those things which are not doubts to our consciousness, are yet mysteries to our mind. And ...
— The International Monthly, Volume 3, No. 2, May, 1851 • Various

... 10). The charge is an unjust one. The Romans with their 'integritas' said as much; we too say the same who have adopted 'integrity' as a part of our ethical language. For what is 'integrity' but entireness; the 'integrity' of the body being, as Cicero explains it, the full possession and the perfect soundness of all its members; and moral 'integrity' though it cannot be predicated so absolutely of ...
— On the Study of Words • Richard C Trench

... means entireness, wholeness. It may be rightly used to affirm possession of all the virtues, that is, unity of ...
— Write It Right - A Little Blacklist of Literary Faults • Ambrose Bierce

... "must we keep the Pythagoreans in the background, who say, 'God is one; and he is not, as some suppose, outside of this frame of things, but within it; in all the entireness of his being he pervades the whole circle of existence, surveying all nature, and blending in harmonious union the whole; the author of his own forces and works, the giver of light in heaven, and father of all; the mind and vital power of ...
— Ten Great Religions - An Essay in Comparative Theology • James Freeman Clarke

... to add, that she gave herself to her friendships with an entireness not possible to any but a woman, with a depth possible to few women. Her friendships, as a girl with girls, as a woman with women, were not unmingled with passion, and had passages of romantic sacrifice and of ecstatic fusion, which I have heard with the ear, but could not trust my profane pen ...
— Memoirs of Margaret Fuller Ossoli, Vol. I • Margaret Fuller Ossoli

... absence of a distinct and painful consciousness of what his mind was actually doing in the house of God, and upon the Lord's day, as the palliative and excuse of his wrong thoughts. If this man, again, indulges in an envious or a sensual emotion, with such an energy and entireness, as for the time being to preclude all action of the higher powers of reason and self-reflection, so that for the time being he is not in the least troubled by a sense of his wickedness, it will be no excuse for him at the eternal bar, that he was ...
— Sermons to the Natural Man • William G.T. Shedd

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