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Incrust  v. t.  (past & past part. incrusted; pres. part. incrusting)  (Written also encrust)  
To cover or line with a crust, or hard coat; to form a crust on the surface of; as, iron incrusted with rust; a vessel incrusted with salt; a sweetmeat incrusted with sugar. "And by the frost refin'd the whiter snow, Incrusted hard."
(Fine Arts) To inlay into, as a piece of carving or other ornamental object.

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"Incrust" Quotes from Famous Books

... incentive, incitement. incesantemente continually. inclinar to incline, lean. incluso inclosed, included. incoar to begin. incomodar to disturb, inconvenience. inconcuso indisputable. incorrupto unspoiled. incrustar to incrust, grow fast. indecente indecent, improper. indecible inexpressible, unspeakable. indefinido indefinite. independencia independence. independiente independent. indicacion f. indication, hint. indicar to indicate. indiferencia indifference. indignar to irritate, ...
— Novelas Cortas • Pedro Antonio de Alarcon

... according to its frequent habit, rises and inundates the city, the Pantheon is one of the first places to be flooded—the sacristan told us. The water climbs above the altar-tops, sapping, in its recession, the cement of the fine marbles which incrust the columns, so that about their bases the pieces have to be continually renewed. Nothing vexes you so much in the Pantheon as your consciousness of these and other repairs. Bad as ruin is, I think I would rather have the old temple ruinous in every part than restored as ...
— Italian Journeys • William Dean Howells

... frost in the early part of the year, and thus doubly advances the vegetation. The waters which rise from springs passing through marl or limestone are replete with calcareous earth, and when thrown over morasses they deposit this earth and incrust or consolidate the morass. This kind of earth is deposited in great quantity from the springs at Matlock bath, and supplies the soft porous limestone of which the houses and walls are there constructed; and has formed ...
— The Botanic Garden - A Poem in Two Parts. Part 1: The Economy of Vegetation • Erasmus Darwin

... remarks already made in Chapter 2 on the original horizontality of strata are strictly applicable to mechanical deposits, and only partially to those of a mixed nature. Such as are purely chemical may be formed on a very steep slope, or may even incrust the vertical walls of a fissure, and be of equal thickness throughout; but such deposits are of small extent, and for the most part confined ...
— The Student's Elements of Geology • Sir Charles Lyell

... Here Marquis Wickens{11} lies incrust, In clay-cold consecrated dust: No more he'll brew, or pastry bake; His sun is set—himself ...
— The English Spy • Bernard Blackmantle

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