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Math  n.  A mowing, or that which is gathered by mowing; chiefly used in composition; as, an aftermath. (Obs.) "The first mowing thereof, for the king's use, is wont to be sooner than the common math."

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"Math" Quotes from Famous Books

... Math, the shepherd-boy, advised his new companion, in his rustic language, not to mention these accomplishments to the peaceful herdsmen of Caynsham, (as the spot where this conference took place is now called,) lest it should create a prejudice against him; "neither," continued he, "would I counsel ...
— The Children's Portion • Various

... from school we ran, Until we settled stride for stride To even walking, side by side; And tho' to keep apart we tried, The jug kept clinking against the can! Once pausing in an upper path That hemmed great pasture ribbed with math, We saw the prospect openly Melt in remote transparent sky; Some fancy kindled, and I began To whistle "Tom the Piper's Son," Wondering whether, when grown a man, I should remain to plod, or plan, As others about had always done, Or to some wondrous ...
— My Beautiful Lady. Nelly Dale • Thomas Woolner

... raise it, I'm 'fraid! We've had a bad year, with the drouth and the blight The harvest was short, and the apple crop light; The early hay cutting scarce balanced the cost, And the heft o' the after-math's ruined with frost; A gloomy Thanksgiving to-morrow will be— But the ways o' the Lord are ...
— The Poets and Poetry of Cecil County, Maryland • Various

... this definition to the definition of causality quoted above. It is obvious that the argument must be the time at which the earlier event occurs. Thus an instance of causality will be such as: "If the event [Math: e{1}] occurs at the time [Math: t{1}], it will be followed by the event [Math: e{2}]." This proposition is intended to be necessary with respect to [Math: t{1}], i.e. to remain true however [Math: t{1}] may be varied. Causality, as a universal law, will then be the following: ...
— Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays • Bertrand Russell

... benumbing to move in academic circles exclusively;—I should hate to feel that a really professorial manner was stealing over me. Well, everybody was lively and gay, except at first Ryder (he's the math. man); but even he limbered up finally. Mrs. Phillips herself has a great deal of action and vivacity—seemed hardly more than thirty. Well, I could be pretty gay too with a lot of money behind me; and I think that, for another year or so, I can contrive to be gay without ...
— Bertram Cope's Year • Henry Blake Fuller

... as are twice mowed I speak not, sith their later math is not so wholesome for cattle as the first; although in the mouth more pleasant for the time: for thereby they become oftentimes to be rotten, or to increase so fast in blood, that the garget and other diseases do consume many of them before the owners ...
— Chronicle and Romance (The Harvard Classics Series) • Jean Froissart, Thomas Malory, Raphael Holinshed

... John W., Jr. Evaluation of Artin's constant and the twin-prime constant. (English) Math. Comp. ...
— Miscellaneous Mathematical Constants • Various

... Math. Mer. But is your loue tell me first, in any wise, In the way of Mariage, or of Merchandise? If it may otherwise than lawfull be founde, Ye get none of my helpe ...
— Roister Doister - Written, probably also represented, before 1553. Carefully - edited from the unique copy, now at Eton College • Nicholas Udall

... I say unto you, it shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrha, in the day of Judgment, than for that city." (Math x. 12-15.) ...
— The Priest, The Woman And The Confessional • Father Chiniquy

... [from communication theory] Used to indicate a talk that, although not {content-free}, was not terribly informative. "That was a low-bandwidth talk, but what can you expect for an audience of {suit}s!" Compare {zero-content}, {bandwidth}, {math-out}. ...
— The Jargon File, Version 4.0.0

... math for the interplanetary ships? I did! Without me they would never have been built!" He turned dramatically, as though he were playing King Lear. "And what do I get for it?" He pointed an accusing finger at Arcot. "What do I get? He is ...
— Islands of Space • John W Campbell

... from that of Kent, and comprehended Essex, Middlesex, and part of Hertfordshire. That of the East Angles, the counties of Cambridge, Suffolk, and Norfolk; Mercia was extended over all the middle counties, from the banks of the Severn to the frontiers of these two kingdoms. [FN [z] Math. West. ...
— The History of England, Volume I • David Hume

... nature, we're in culture. The progress of an industrial scientific culture is geometric. It goes n-times as many jumps as it takes. More than geometric—exponential. Confidentially, Micro's Math chief tells me we're currently on a fourth-power progress curve trending ...
— The Creature from Cleveland Depths • Fritz Reuter Leiber

... for Math. again, And certain to be ploughed. Please tell me where I could obtain ...
— The Scarlet Gown - being verses by a St. Andrews Man • R. F. Murray

... Saviour speaketh to the disease, as to a person; it is the usuall phrase of all that cure by words onely, as Christ did, (and Inchanters pretend to do, whether they speak to a Divel or not.) For is not Christ also said (Math. 8.26.) to have rebuked the winds? Is not he said also (Luk. 4. 39.) to rebuke a Fever? Yet this does not argue that a Fever is a Divel. And whereas many of these Divels are said to confesse Christ; it is not necessary to interpret ...
— Leviathan • Thomas Hobbes

... that offers facsimile images of pages but omits searchable text: Cornell math books Lynne K. Personius, Assistant Director, Cornell Information Technologies for Scholarly Information Sources, ...

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