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Nipper   Listen
Nipper  n.  
One who, or that which, nips.
A fore tooth of a horse. The nippers are four in number.
A satirist. (Obs.)
A pickpocket; a young or petty thief. (Old Cant)
The cunner.
A European crab (Polybius Henslowii).

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Nipper" Quotes from Famous Books

... arriving Johnny set up a wail, because there was talk of putting him inside the vehicle; and this persisted until the coachman, a goat-bearded Yankee, came to the rescue and said he was darned if such a plucky young nipper shouldn't get his way: he'd have the child tied on beside him on the box-seat—be blowed if he wouldn't! But even this did not satisfy Johnny; and while Mahony went to procure a length of rope, he continued to prance ...
— Australia Felix • Henry Handel Richardson

... Well, one Sunday night one of the boys came back to the store for suthin' or other, and he sees you—I mean the feller as has the same name—emptying out the fire liquid in the exstinkers, and fillin' em up with kerosene. So, being a cute young nipper, he slips away to the Fire Brigade station and says to the Superintendent, 'Give me ten bob an' I'll tell you a secret about Ikey Benjamin and his fire exstinkers.' The Super gave him the money, ...
— Tom Gerrard - 1904 • Louis Becke

... them stay downstairs. To the intimacy of the bedside I admit only the kindly fellows who come in their dressing-gowns and slippers, so to speak, and sit down and just talk to you as though they had known you ever since you were a little nipper, and your father and your grandfather before you. Of course, there is old Montaigne. What a glorious gossip he is! What strange things he has to tell you, what a noble candour he shows! He turns out his mind as carelessly as a boy turns out his pockets, and gives you the run of ...
— Pebbles on the Shore • Alpha of the Plough (Alfred George Gardiner)

... as that I'm myself!" answered Triffitt. "Couldn't mistake him—even if it is nine years ago. It's true I was only a nipper then—sixteen or so—but I'd all my wits about me, and I was so taken with him in the dock, and with his theatrical bearing there—he's a fine hand at posing—that I couldn't forget or mistake him. Oh, he's the man! I've often wondered what had ...
— The Herapath Property • J. S. Fletcher

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