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Upkeep  n.  
The act of keeping up, or maintaining; maintenance of persons, organizations, or objects such as machinery, by providing a location, repairs, and consumable items when necessary. "Horse artillery... expensive in the upkeep." "Small outlays for repairs or upkeep of buildings."
The cost of providing upkeep (1).

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"Upkeep" Quotes from Famous Books

... is seventy-five dollars a month; the three maids are fifty each, besides all they steal and waste; the laundress and her helper, the chauffeur and all the garden men; the food, light, heat—to say nothing of extra expenses; my parties and trips and the enormous bills for taxes and upkeep that papa pays—I'm afraid to say how much it comes to each month. But it is going to stop! Then my clothes—I'm just ashamed to think—while you, poor dear, exist on nothing——Oh, thank you, Elsie." A maid had brought in a ...
— The Gorgeous Girl • Nalbro Bartley

... that is a matter of no account. I don't propose to return to Durdlebury till the end of the war. I left it as an officer and I'm not coming back as a private soldier. I enclose a cheque for L500. Perhaps Aunt Sophia will be so kind as to use the money—it ought to last some time—for the general upkeep, wages, etc., of Denby Hall. I feel sure she will not refuse me this favour. Give Peggy my love and tell her I hope she will accept the two-seater as a parting gift. It will make me happier to know that ...
— The Rough Road • William John Locke

... enough," and that he wished it could be stopped. The farmers who had purchased their holdings were declared to have become selfish, and "as bad as the landlords." In other words, they had become orderly and industrious, and had ceased to subscribe for the upkeep of the United Irish League and its ...
— Against Home Rule (1912) - The Case for the Union • Various

... drop in to borrow petrol or to repair their cars; visiting officers from other stations come to watch the airship perform. For England has been slow to believe in the airships, pinning her aeronautical faith to heavier-than-air machines. She has considered the great expense for building and upkeep of each of these dirigible balloons—as much as that of fifty aeroplanes—the necessity of providing hangars for them, and their vulnerability to attack, as overbalancing the advantages of long range, silence ...
— Kings, Queens And Pawns - An American Woman at the Front • Mary Roberts Rinehart

... The upkeep of the plant will be about 15 per cent. on the capital, not counting land. This equals $375, which, added to interest, gives an annual overhead expense of $600, which is our first item to be ...
— The Dollar Hen • Milo M. Hastings

... privileges. The oddest part of the affair was that the claimant was an impossible sort of lunatic, and the whole thing was run by a syndicate of shrewd Western men. As I don't care for the property, which has only been dropping a lot of money every year for upkeep and litigation, Sir James, who is an awfully far-sighted chap at managing, thought he could effect a compromise, and get rid of the property at a fair valuation. And, by Jove! he did. But what your countrymen can get out of it,—for the shooting isn't half as good as what they ...
— A Protegee of Jack Hamlin's and Other Stories • Bret Harte

... Government-General of Korea, thus making the Railway at once an apparently commercial but really political organization. In future the revenues of the South Manchuria Railway are to be paid direct to the Government-General of Korea; and the yearly appropriation for the upkeep and administration of the Railway is to be fixed at Yen 19,000,000. These arrangements, especially the amalgamation of the South Manchuria Railway, are to take effect from the 1st July, 1917, and are an attempt to ...
— The Fight For The Republic In China • B.L. Putnam Weale

... water. Drainage ditches have been made behind them and pumping plants put in to pump the water out of them. The cost of these improvements, which has given to cultivation much very fertile land, has been assessed on the owners of the lands benefited, as is also the upkeep expense. Many owners had not the money to pay the assessments and have sold the land to those who are clearing off the timber. This means the clearing of thousands of acres of bottom land and the pecan is one of the principle trees on these bottom lands. This condition makes it ...
— Northern Nut Growers Association Report of the Proceedings at the Sixth Annual Meeting. Rochester, New York, September 1 and 2, 1915 • Various

... village where the roofs are repaired by Sir Thomas Acland's thatcher, for fear they should fall into the evil ways of slate, and spoil the lovely contours of the village. A landlord has as much right to preserve the beauty of his property as he has to the upkeep of his fences, and we are indeed fortunate to live in an age when the mellowed beauty of ancient buildings has become almost a religion. But to me there is a smugness about such a village, which has become the hobby, the by no means selfish or unenlightened hobby, of a single man, which ...
— Lynton and Lynmouth - A Pageant of Cliff & Moorland • John Presland

... of the Education Department describes the home as "one of the dirtiest and most squalid homes I have seen." The cost (including past, present, and approximate future maintenance) to the State for the upkeep of this family is estimated at L10,000. Nothing has been paid by the parents towards the support of these children. In all probability, the remaining members of the family will be brought under State control at a probable cost ...
— Mental Defectives and Sexual Offenders • W. H. Triggs, Donald McGavin, Frederick Truby King, J. Sands Elliot, Ada G. Patterson, C.E. Matthews

... without wheat? Certainly, and live well. We must recognize the scientific fact that no one food (with the exception of milk) is indispensable. There are four letters in the food alphabet: A, fuel for the body machine; B, protein for the upkeep of the machinery; C, mineral salts, partly for upkeep and partly for lubrication—to make all parts work smoothly together; D, vitamines, subtle and elusive substances upon whose presence depends the successful use by the body of all the others. These four letters, ...
— Everyday Foods in War Time • Mary Swartz Rose

... unnaturally pointed out to her that I could not accept her hospitality for so long a time, and the greater part of the evening was spent in trying to persuade her to allow me to pay—Gertrude was the richer—at least a third of the upkeep of the yacht must come out of ...
— Memoirs of My Dead Life • George Moore

... about in the same boat, Barbara," Alan answered with a laugh, "for my present possessions are Yarleys, which brings in about L100 a year less than the interest on its mortgages and cost of upkeep, and the L1700 that Aylward paid me back on Friday for my shares. If I had stuck to them I understand that in a week or two I should have been worth L100,000, and now you see, here I am, over thirty years of age without a profession, invalided out ...
— The Yellow God - An Idol of Africa • H. Rider Haggard

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