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Adulterate   /ədˈəltərˌeɪt/   Listen

Mixed with impurities.  Synonyms: adulterated, debased.

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"Adulterate" Quotes from Famous Books

... Ay, that incestuous, that adulterate beast, With witchcraft of his wit, with traitorous gifts, Won to his shameful lust The will of my most seeming-virtuous queen: Oh, Hamlet, what a falling off was there! From me, whose love was of that dignity, That it went hand in hand, even with the vow I made ...
— The Canadian Elocutionist • Anna Kelsey Howard

... aimed at a swift and petty benefit, to suck a sudden sweetness. We snatch at the slowest fruit in the whole garden of God, which many summers and many winters must ripen. We seek our friend not sacredly, but with an adulterate passion which would appropriate him to ourselves. In vain. We are armed all over with subtle antagonisms, which, as soon as we meet, begin to play, and translate all poetry into stale prose. Almost all people descend to meet. All association must be a compromise, ...
— Essays, First Series • Ralph Waldo Emerson

... increasing demand and the continued rise in price, manufacturers of lavender water and of compound perfumes in which oil of lavender is a necessary ingredient commenced to buy the French oil, and venders of the English oil commenced to adulterate largely the ...
— Scientific American Supplement, No. 799, April 25, 1891 • Various

... the Company; for they are all well drest. This was spoken with an Air of Rallery that awakened the Cavalier, who immediately made answer: 'Tis true, Madam, we see there may be as much variety of good fancies as of faces, yet there may be many of both kinds borrowed and adulterate if inquired into; and as you were pleased to observe, the invention may be Foreign to the Person who puts it in practice; and as good an Opinion as I have of an agreeable Dress, I should be loth to answer for the wit of all about us. I believe ...
— Incognita - or, Love & Duty Reconcil'd. A Novel • William Congreve

... than, they. And, instead of herborizing, they visited the shops of druggists, herbalists, and apothecaries, and diligently considered the fruits, roots, leaves, gums, seeds, the grease and ointments of some foreign parts, as also how they did adulterate them. He went to see the jugglers, tumblers, mountebanks, and quacksalvers, and considered their cunning, their shifts, their somersaults and smooth tongue, especially of those of Chauny in Picardy, who are naturally ...
— Gargantua and Pantagruel, Complete. • Francois Rabelais

... evolution; it is a special creation, like all the rainbows seen in one's life—a thing to be reverently absorbed by sight, by scent, by touch, absorbed and realized without precedent or limit. Only ultimately do we find it necessary to adulterate this fine perception with definitive words and phrases, and so attempt to register it for ...
— Edge of the Jungle • William Beebe

... forests in the distance, varied the scene. Evergreens were rarer here, and oak-trees more plentiful, than north of Moscow. The grass by the roadside was sown thickly with wild flowers: Canterbury bells, campanulas, yarrow pink and white, willow-weed (good to adulterate tea), yellow daisies, spiraea, pinks, corn-flowers, melilot, honey-sweet galium, yellow everlasting, huge deep-crimson crane's-bill, ...
— Russian Rambles • Isabel F. Hapgood

... Java. If mixed, half and half, with pure coffee before parching, and roasted and ground together, the same quantity will go as far and make about as good a beverage as the pure article, and a better one than much of the ground and adulterated coffee offered in the market. Indeed, if people will adulterate their coffee, it were much to be wished that they would use nothing more harmful than the ...
— The Peanut Plant - Its Cultivation And Uses • B. W. Jones

... the fibre averages a little longer than the common grades it is reserved for canvas. Ordinary Peruvian cotton has a fibre nearly two inches long; it is used in the manufacture of hosiery and balbriggan underwear, and also to adulterate wool. The long-staple cotton of the Piura Valley is bought by British manufacturers at a high price, and used in the webbing of rubber tires and hose. Egyptian cotton is very fine and is used mainly in the manufacture of thread and the finer grades of balbriggan underwear. Sea island fibre ...
— Commercial Geography - A Book for High Schools, Commercial Courses, and Business Colleges • Jacques W. Redway

... impure or weakened through adulteration, the watering of milk being a familiar example. The manufacture of jellies, preserves, sirups, and various kinds of pickles and condiments has perhaps afforded the largest field for adulterations, although it is possible to adulterate nearly all of the leading articles of food. A long step in the prevention of food and drug adulteration was taken in this country by the passage of the Pure Food Law. By forcing manufacturers of foods and medicines to state on printed labels ...
— Physiology and Hygiene for Secondary Schools • Francis M. Walters, A.M.

... guaranty for the excellence or even for the purity of the wine, that it is kept in these cellars, under the lock and key of the government; for the merchants are allowed to mix different vintages, according to their own pleasure, and to adulterate it as they like. Very little of the wine probably comes out as it goes in, or is exactly what it pretends to be. I went back to Mr. ———'s office, and we drove together to make some calls jointly and separately. I went alone to Mrs. Heywood's; afterwards with Mr. ——— to the American ...
— Passages From the English Notebooks, Complete • Nathaniel Hawthorne

... Honey also is brought from Kanou to this souk. In Kanou, twelve pounds and a-half are sold for four thousand wadas, or four-fifths of a dollar. In Zinder, the same quantity sells for about double the price. They adulterate here and send it ...
— Narrative of a Mission to Central Africa Performed in the Years 1850-51, Volume 2 • James Richardson

... solid bed six hundred feet thick. Perfectly pure rock-salt is colourless and transparent; but one doesn't often find it pure. Alas for a degenerate world! even in its original site, Nature herself has taken the trouble to adulterate it beforehand. (If she hadn't done so, one may be perfectly sure that commercial enterprise would have proved equal to the occasion in the long run.) But the adulteration hasn't spoilt the beauty of the salt; on the contrary, it serves, like rouge, to give a fine fresh colour where ...
— Falling in Love - With Other Essays on More Exact Branches of Science • Grant Allen

... poor, paltry learning; it may serve for ornament, but there is yet no foundation for any superstructure to be built upon it, according to the opinion of Plato, who says, that constancy, faith, and sincerity, are the true philosophy, and the other sciences, that are directed to other ends; mere adulterate paint. I could wish that Paluel or Pompey, those two noted dancers of my time, could have taught us to cut capers, by only seeing them do it, without stirring from our places, as these men pretend to inform ...
— The Essays of Montaigne, Complete • Michel de Montaigne

... Aur. Both so adulterate grown, When mixed with fear, they never could be known. I wish no ill might her I love befal; But she ne'er loved, who durst not venture all. Her life and fame should my concernment be; But she should only be ...
— The Works of John Dryden, Volume 5 (of 18) - Amboyna; The state of Innocence; Aureng-Zebe; All for Love • John Dryden

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