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Animate being   /ˈænəmət bˈiɪŋ/   Listen
Animate being

A living organism characterized by voluntary movement.  Synonyms: animal, beast, brute, creature, fauna.

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Words linked to "Animate being" :   game, critter, giant, trap, young, plant-eating, adult, survivor, captive, actinomycete, stander, brute, microorganism, phytophagic, stunt, meat-eating, tame, insectivore, full-grown, marine animal, marine creature, fully grown, pest, grown, thoroughbred, tracking, darter, mutant, flesh-eating, larva, domestic animal, graze, ritual killing, free-swimming, conceptus, kingdom Animalia, topknotted, predator, beast, migrator, sitter, quarry, all-devouring, nose, organism, organic structure, half-bred, pleurodont, caput, social, sacrifice, domesticize, sea creature, creepy-crawly, diet, pasture, zoophagous, being, epizootic, invertebrate, fauna, tufted, drench, male, domesticated animal, physical structure, offspring, big, side, feeder, varment, hispid, fictional animal, Animalia, molter, half-blooded, bone, wart, omnivore, predatory animal, grownup, homeotherm, work animal, acrodont, racer, debone, animal kingdom, hexapod, crested, head, schistosome dermatitis, herbivore, pureblood, biped, humaneness, female, unregistered, body, gregarious, fertilized egg, face, prey, unattached, reclaim, moulter, trailing, homoiotherm, poikilotherm, domesticise, pet, embryo, bone-covered, transmitter, micro-organism, half-breed, phytophagous, phytophilous, ectotherm, range animal, registered, mate, creature, homotherm, vector, animal, crop, stayer, peeper, swimmer's itch, metazoan, insectivorous, domesticate, chordate, varmint, animal tissue, scavenger, purebred, zooplankton, sea animal

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