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Armed forces   /ɑrmd fˈɔrsɪz/   Listen
Armed forces

The military forces of a nation.  Synonyms: armed services, military, military machine, war machine.  "The military machine is the same one we faced in 1991 but now it is weaker"

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"Armed forces" Quotes from Famous Books

... operations were carried on for nearly three years, involving the employment—far from its base—of an army of 25,000 disciplined troops, including an expensive British contingent of 8,000 men, and ending in the utter defeat of an enemy whose armed forces numbered at the beginning of the war upwards of 80,000 soldiers, and the reconquest and re-occupation of a territory measuring sixteen hundred miles from north to south and twelve hundred from east to west [Lieut.-Colonel ...
— The River War • Winston S. Churchill

... their infancy, and themselves engaged in an unequal struggle for existence, by act of their Congress declared that, if Missouri was engaged in repelling a lawless invasion of her territory by armed forces, it was their right and duty to aid the people and government of said State in resisting such invasion, and in securing the means and the opportunity of expressing their will upon all questions affecting their rights ...
— The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government • Jefferson Davis

... great Civil War suffered so enduringly as that which was the boundary line between the sections, and no part of the boundary suffered more from devastations of war in the passing to and fro of armed forces and from the raids of marauding bands, steel-heartened in quest of revenge, than did ...
— Sergeant York And His People • Sam Cowan

... the troop, surrounded by his staff, and read the decree of the Five Hundred, which transferred the sessions of the Legislature to Saint-Cloud and gave him the command of the armed forces. ...
— The Companions of Jehu • Alexandre Dumas, pere

... machinery of capitalist government, including the armed forces of the nation, conserves the monopoly by the capitalist class of the wealth taken from the workers, the working class must organize consciously and politically for acquiring the powers of government, national and ...
— Communism and Christianism - Analyzed and Contrasted from the Marxian and Darwinian Points of View • William Montgomery Brown

... these people was throughout civil, and perhaps friendly. Their hatred of the Burmese is excessive, the visits of the armed forces of this nation being most harassing and oppressive. They are sub-divided into tribes, among whom there is but little unanimity. The Dupha Gam is much disliked, as he is considered the cause of the visit of the Burmese. His power has been much exaggerated; he is not capable ...
— Journals of Travels in Assam, Burma, Bhootan, Afghanistan and The - Neighbouring Countries • William Griffith

... armed forces is conducting secret experiments with disk-shaped flying objects that could be a basis for the ...
— The Flying Saucers are Real • Donald Keyhoe

... that there may be some palliation in the plea of military necessity on the theory that such acts purport to be acts of the government itself, through its military arm and with the purpose of preserving the public peace and safety: yet that a private corporation, with its privately armed forces, may violate the most sacred right of the citizenship of the state and find lawful excuse in the plea of private 'industrial necessity' savours too much of anarchy to find approval by ...
— King Coal - A Novel • Upton Sinclair

... agreement with Mexico provides for the crossing of the frontier by the armed forces of either country in pursuit of hostile Indians. In my message of last year I called attention to the prevalent lawlessness upon the borders and to the necessity of legislation for its suppression. I again invite the attention of Congress to ...
— A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents - Section 2 (of 2) of Volume 8: Chester A. Arthur • James D. Richardson

... of late by France, her encouragement of the spirit of revolt in all lands, and her public reception of addresses from English societies, "full of treasonable sentiments," compelled the Government, though very reluctantly, to add to the armed forces. He added these words: "I am clear that the circumstances require vigour and decision both at home and abroad. And the spirit of the country seems within these last ten days to have taken so favourable a turn ...
— William Pitt and the Great War • John Holland Rose

... balcony of the Town Hall, facing the faithful remnant of the Communal Guards and the not very numerous crowd. At the same time the legal existence of the Pan-German Constitution was proclaimed, and allegiance to it was sworn by the armed forces of the nation. I recollect that these proceedings did not seem to me imposing, and Bakunin's reiterated opinion about their triviality gradually became more comprehensible. Even from a technical point of view these reflections ...
— My Life, Volume I • Richard Wagner

... not an appeal upon which great confidence could be placed. Immediately after the Coup d'etat, the army, which was wholly on his side, voted separately and openly in order that France might clearly know that the armed forces were with the President and might be able to predict the consequences of a verdict unfavourable to his pretensions. When, nearly three weeks later, the civilian Plebiscite took place, martial law was in force. Public meetings of every kind were forbidden. No newspaper ...
— The Map of Life - Conduct and Character • William Edward Hartpole Lecky

... Materia Medica was sponsored and supervised by the U.S. Navy in cooperation with the Smithsonian Institution. For this reason, the Navy decided not to establish a similar bureau for a health museum as did the Army in starting the Medical Museum (of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology) in 1862 through the efforts of Dr. William Alexander Hammond. The Smithsonian did, however, provide a clerk to relieve the curator of much of the routine work. The Section's early vigorous activities ...
— History of the Division of Medical Sciences • Sami Khalaf Hamarneh

... whatever of believing any word she might say. So war of a novel kind came about between them. Mrs. Brigg was forced to live and hear herself named thief, a distressing circumstance which she could scarcely surmount with dignity, whatever she might manage in the way of fortitude. Denial only armed forces for the attack. Battles were numerous and violent. Cuckoo, who had in some directions no perception at all of what was humiliating, took to measuring proportions of legs of mutton going down to Hades and remeasuring them on their return. If the inches did not tally, Mrs. ...
— Flames • Robert Smythe Hichens

... stands in the statute of which it is a part. Now Article 23(h) is a clause in the Convention concerning the Laws and Customs of War on Land. It is one of several paragraphs of Article 23 which comprises the prohibition of a number of acts by the armed forces of belligerents in warfare on land, such as the employment of poison or poisoned arms, and the like. The British and American delegates, believing that it only concerned an act on the part of belligerent forces occupying enemy territory, therefore ...
— The League of Nations and its Problems - Three Lectures • Lassa Oppenheim

Words linked to "Armed forces" :   besieging, naval forces, drill master, defense contractor, navy, military volunteer, man, commodore, base, lieutenant JG, infantry, conscript, emplacement, military position, assault rifle, flag rank, break, injury, armed combat, National Guard, high command, military training, fighter, dress uniform, home reserve, column, military reserve, military machine, foeman, military rating, artillery unit, damage, Joint Chiefs, air force academy, military police, home guard, mechanized cavalry, mission, order, aide-de-camp, field of operations, naval commander, adjutant, marine, issue, military campaign, operational casualty, marshall, desk officer, muster roll, force, demonstration, liberty chit, armed service, operation, chevron, military blockade, leatherneck, combat ship, Joint Chiefs of Staff, drop zone, military plane, military mission, air attache, basic training, musketry, armoured, military adviser, flanker, combat-ready, friendly, general headquarters, MP, air force, maneuver, armor, countermarch, half track, detail, inductee, cadet, lieutenant general, guardhouse, center, muster, caisson, military formation, noncommissioned officer, light colonel, manual, fight, air power, armoured car, blockade, noncom, judge advocate general, naval officer, general, military greeting, military post, medic, cavalry, camp, military installation, aide, armored combat vehicle, drumhead court-martial, inspector general, headquarters, operational damage, combined operation, canton, active, paratroops, lieutenant junior grade, generalship, inter-service support, olive drab, officer, occupier, enlisted officer, military intelligence, draftee, fort, enemy, occupation, fatigues, armoury, expedition, fatigue duty, flypast, lieutenant, military uniform, gun, artillery, military academy, logistic assessment, aviation, Army Intelligence, command post, lieutenant commander, military man, Holy Joe, military group, foe, accoutered, military expedition, commissioned military officer, major, military action, army hut, naval academy, billet, action, hostile expedition, Marines, air unit, olive-drab uniform, military advisor, compassionate leave, armed, conflict, military commission, disengagement, chief petty officer, hostile, foreign aid, military rank, armament, army unit, close-order drill, military hospital, flag officer, countermine, fire control system, defensive measure, chief of staff, military personnel, horse, judge advocate, Navy SEAL, armored car, inactive, deactivation, bomber, bandsman, grade insignia, military strength, attack, army officer, hut, call up, medical officer, military operation, military capability, armoured combat vehicle, line, boot camp, airforce, electronic warfare, nuclear deterrence, military science, commandant, army, FO, defense, gun room, padre, fire control radar, army tank, ai, army attache, field-grade officer, onset, combat area, military drill, campaign, outpost, onslaught, ensign, military chaplain, drumbeat, blitzkrieg, military service, arsenal, fighter aircraft, attack submarine, field officer, headquarters staff, naval installation, armoured personnel carrier, equipment casualty, barrack, inactivation, cadre, minefield, defence, armory, chow line, fighting, commanding officer, naval engineer, combat pilot, effective, GHQ, militainment, mess, military officer, lieutenant colonel, B-52, government issue, military posture, attention, colonel, APC, expeditionary, gas shell, military ceremony, commissioned officer, full-dress uniform, military court, naval attache, extended order, logistic assistance, defector, contingent, militia, battery, dropping zone, commissioned naval officer, personnel, military policeman, captain, field, military force, close order, commando, naval unit, combat casualty, ARNG, marine engineer, drill instructor, military censorship, beleaguering, absence without leave, hutment, military control, field marshal, hospital train, fallback, echelon, HQ, minute gun, muster call, armored personnel carrier, military law, military issue, commander, court-martial, pass, martial law, firing party, commission, amphibious operation, flank, detach, military engineer, Defense Intelligence Agency, firepower, DIA, commissary, briefing, firing squad, battle dress, lights-out, aid station, major-general, midshipman, mess hall, opposition, combat, air station, materiel, combat injury, cantonment, loss, logistic support, color bearer, equipage, drill, devil dog, military leader, base of operations, dressing station, ground forces, military unit, combat zone, manoeuvre, deserter, field hospital, Army National Guard, marshal, garrison, encampment, command, flyover, fighter pilot, amphibious landing, military quarters, field day, battle, engagement, field hut, full general, coastguard, infiltration, army engineer, open order, accoutred, line of battle, brass hat, encirclement, casualty, executive officer, collateral damage, battle line, air base, battle damage, armored, military headquarters, horse cavalry

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