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Butt in   /bət ɪn/   Listen
Butt in

Break into a conversation.  Synonyms: barge in, break in, chime in, chisel in, cut in, put in.

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"Butt in" Quotes from Famous Books

... that you were Graves's partner. Settling the family affairs, hey? Well, I won't butt in. Ta, ta! See you later, Captain. You must go for a spin in that car of mine. I'll call for you some day. I'll show you something they don't do on Cape Cod. Regards ...
— Cap'n Warren's Wards • Joseph C. Lincoln

... we were coming out of barracks, our two marvels butt in again and plank themselves in front of the swaddies coming out, trying to spot some little thing not quite so, and he said, 'Ah, my bucks, you thought you'd score off me by complaining of this excellent soup that I have ...
— Under Fire - The Story of a Squad • Henri Barbusse

... Sandy. "Go on in, now, and tell the robbers to give up your hoarded gold! Just butt in, and tell 'em what you want them to do! They'll probably do just as you tell ...
— Boy Scouts in the Coal Caverns • Major Archibald Lee Fletcher

... Lidgerwood, and you may fire the inkstand at me if the spirit moves you to, but I've got to butt in. You can't handle the Red Desert with kid gloves on. Those fellows needed an artistic cussing-out and a thirty-day hang-up at the very lightest. You can't hold 'em ...
— The Taming of Red Butte Western • Francis Lynde

... makes up music. Don't butt in that way; you put me all out—'composer is. Name yours. Ask her what piece of music she likes best. Name yours. If the lady is musical, here ask her to play ...
— The Best American Humorous Short Stories • Various

... he never meets Dave. This makes Dave ugly a lot, an' before I gets to butt in an' stop it, he outs with his six-shooter, an' puts a hole ...
— Wolfville Days • Alfred Henry Lewis

... perquisite of sugar and tea. Servants are always quarreling and the only way to do is to keep out of their lies about each other and let them fight it out themselves. You never can have any idea of who's telling the truth if you butt in and try to straighten it, and the Lord knows that Ellen's too good a cook and too much needed in this family until the new member arrives safely, to hurt her feelings with investigating any of Mrs. O'Hern's ...
— The Squirrel-Cage • Dorothy Canfield

... lunkhead," said Mr. Gibney, "that luck is found where brains grow. No brains, no luck. No luck, no brains. Lemme illustrate. A thievin' land shark makes me a present o' fifty dollars not to butt in on them two boxes I'm tellin' you about. Him an' his gang wants them two boxes. Fair crazy to get 'em. Now, don't it stand to reason that them fellers knows what's in them boxes, or they wouldn't give me fifty dollars to ...
— Captain Scraggs - or, The Green-Pea Pirates • Peter B. Kyne

... least," said the other, pulling comfortably at his cigar—"that is, if you're willing to come through with a little information. I'm curious to know how you came to butt in here on my personal card of introduction. ...
— The Day of Days - An Extravaganza • Louis Joseph Vance

... and the dogcart are in Dumont's catalogue for the next sale. I resigned my membership of the polo club to-day. To-morrow, or eke to-night, I look for a job. As you, mother o' mine, have heard men say in your beloved west, I'm going to butt in." ...
— A Son of the Immortals • Louis Tracy

... how tired you were, and though I hated to 'butt in' on your performance, I just felt I had to, to save ...
— Patty's Butterfly Days • Carolyn Wells

... "Fred and I aren't going to come to see you, Lester, and then butt in on all your simple pleasures. You just go ahead and enjoy yourself cleaning out the lamps, just as though we weren't around. We'll manage to plug along ...
— The Rushton Boys at Treasure Cove - Or, The Missing Chest of Gold • Spencer Davenport

... Parker—and there came a note into his voice by which Hal knew that he had found the excuse he sought—"Well, it's Carmichael's business, and I have no right to butt in on it. If he comes to me and asks for indictments, I'll act—but not otherwise. That's all I have to say ...
— King Coal - A Novel • Upton Sinclair

... she went on. "And I know it. He's working some kind of a game over there that he doesn't want people to butt in on." She paused abruptly and her eyes narrowed. "I wonder," she began, but left her sentence unfinished as she noticed that Gregory was regarding ...
— El Diablo • Brayton Norton

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