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Caster   /kˈæstər/   Listen

A worker who casts molten metal into finished products.
A shaker with a perforated top for sprinkling powdered sugar.  Synonym: castor.
A pivoting roller attached to the bottom of furniture or trucks or portable machines to make them movable.  Synonym: castor.

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"Caster" Quotes from Famous Books

... telephone rang. It was her husband. "Yes, she was well. Pouring downtown? Funny. Only a light shower out there. No, the man had not brought the missing caster for the bedstead. Yes, six-forty-six, and she would put the steak on at six-twenty. Yes, the poultry netting had ...
— Star-Dust • Fannie Hurst

... that draws the curve is a three-wheeled cart of lead, whose front wheel, F, is mounted, not as a caster, but like the steering wheel of a bicycle. When such a cart is moved, the front wheel, F, can only move in the direction of its own plane, whatever be the position of the cart; if, therefore, the cart is so moved that F is in the line, ee, ...
— Scientific American Supplement, No. 288 - July 9, 1881 • Various

... pieces, of silver-plated ware with every case of their own goods. If you had read their advertisement you would have been sure that Rogers never turned out any better goods than these they were giving away. But the fifty-one pieces cost them just $7.50! They used a good many thousand sets. The table caster was worth about 70 cents. You can imagine the quality! Now, I hold that in the long run cheap stuff will help good goods. People who have it will get disgusted with it, and will replace it with reliable ware, while if they had never had ...
— A Man of Samples • Wm. H. Maher

... horse caster, or the warty excrescence from the horse's leg, oils of rhodium, and cumin, keep these in separate bottles well corked; put some of the oil of cumin on your hand and approach the horse on the windy side that he may smell it; he will then move towards you, then rub ...
— Young's Demonstrative Translation of Scientific Secrets • Daniel Young

... with his folk about him, called for Sa'adan and forthright on his coming, said to him, "O dog run wood and least of the Arab brood and carrier of firewood, who was it slew my son Kurajan, the brave of the age, slayer of heroes and caster down of warriors?" Quoth the Ghul, "Jamrkan slew him, captain of the armies of King Gharib, Prince of cavaliers, and I roasted and ate him, for I was anhungered." When Jaland heard these words, his eyes sank into his head for rage and he bade his swordbearer ...
— The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, Volume 7 • Richard F. Burton

... dress, and even the lines of the folds. But portrait-statues of bronze may belong to any age; because, while the sculptor in marble is obliged to produce a work of his own hands and conception, and the date of a marble statue can therefore be determined by comparison with other well-known works, the caster in bronze can easily reproduce specimens of earlier and better times by taking a mould from a good original, altering the features slightly, and then casting it in excellent bronze. This seems to be the case with this celebrated image. I know that the current opinion makes it contemporary ...
— Pagan and Christian Rome • Rodolfo Lanciani

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