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The dried root of the chicory plant: used as a coffee substitute.  Synonym: chicory root.
Perennial Old World herb having rayed flower heads with blue florets cultivated for its root and its heads of crisp edible leaves used in salads.  Synonyms: chicory plant, Cichorium intybus, succory.
Root of the chicory plant roasted and ground to substitute for or adulterate coffee.  Synonym: chicory root.
Crisp spiky leaves with somewhat bitter taste.  Synonym: curly endive.

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"Chicory" Quotes from Famous Books

... literary labors all over again. Besides, by that time the coffee would be cold. So I took it as it was—with two lumps only—and it was pretty fair coffee for European coffee. It tasted slightly of the red tape and the chicory, but it was ...
— Europe Revised • Irvin S. Cobb

... partridges' wings minced small, and other roast meats easy to digest, as veal, kid, pigeons, partridges, thrushes, and the like, with sauce of orange, verjuice, sorrel, sharp pomegranates; or he may have them boiled with good herbs, as lettuce, purslain, chicory, bugloss, marigold, and the like. At night he can take barley-water, with juice of sorrel and of waterlilies, of each two ounces, with four or five grains of opium, and the four cold seeds crushed, of each half an ounce; which is a good nourishing remedy and ...
— The Harvard Classics Volume 38 - Scientific Papers (Physiology, Medicine, Surgery, Geology) • Various

... Immortelle, Elecampane or Horseheal; Black-eyed Susan or Yellow or Ox-eye Daisy; Tall or Giant Sunflower; Sneezeweed or Swamp Sunflower; Yarrow or Milfoil; Dog's or Fetid Camomile or Dog-fennel; Common Daisy, Marguerite, or White Daisy; Tansy or Bitter Buttons; Thistles; Chicory or Succory; Common Dandelion; Tall or Wild Lettuce; Orange or ...
— Wild Flowers Worth Knowing • Neltje Blanchan et al

... in abundance about the settlement must have given them joy,—arbutus or "mayflowers," wild roses, blue chicory, Queen Anne's lace, purple asters, golden-rod and the beautiful sabbatia or "sentry" which is still found on the banks of the fresh ponds near the town and is called "the Plymouth rose." Edward Winslow tells [Footnote: Relation of the Manners, Customs, ...
— The Women Who Came in the Mayflower • Annie Russell Marble

... school, however, and one of his first timid, inquiring glances was to discover the thrashing-block with which Mrs. Holman had threatened him. He had pictured it to himself giving blow after blow with a rod, and beating incessantly, like the chicory factory at the ...
— One of Life's Slaves • Jonas Lauritz Idemil Lie

... extensively cultivated for the adulteration of coffee; is also a fine relish, and has broad leaves. Endive is of the same nature as chicory, ...
— The Whitehouse Cookbook (1887) - The Whole Comprising A Comprehensive Cyclopedia Of Information For - The Home • Mrs. F.L. Gillette

... loaf, slice it off very thin. Remove the crusts, lay a crisp lettuce leaf on one half the buttered slices, spread with sandwich dressing and cover with a slice of buttered bread. Press the two together and cut into triangles. Cress, Romaine, or bleached chicory may be used in place of lettuce. These are more appetizing than ordinary bread and butter sandwiches, and are made from materials found ...
— Sandwiches • Sarah Tyson Heston Rorer

... Chicory.—Sow in May or June in drills of rich soil, and thin out to 6 in. apart. In autumn lift the roots and store them in dry sand. To force leaves for salads, plant the roots closely together in boxes or large pots, with the tops only exposed, using ordinary soil; place in a temperature of 55 degrees, ...
— Gardening for the Million • Alfred Pink

... Cathedral who are clocks with chimes, and the bakers. At five, kitchen maids, dairy maids, and butter-cups awake. At six, the sow-thistle and cooks. At seven o'clock many of the Ladies' maids are awake in the Palace, the Chicory in my botanical garden, and some tradesmen. At eight o'clock all the colleges awake and the little mouse-ear. At nine o'clock, the female nobility already begin to stir; the marigold, and even many young ladies, ...
— Flowers and Flower-Gardens • David Lester Richardson

... rich man's table or an extravagance for a sick friend with us! The hothouses still grew them. What else was there for he hothouses to do, though the export of their products was impossible? A shortage of the long, white-leafed chicory that we call endive in New York restaurants? There were piles of it in the Brussels market and on the ...
— My Year of the War • Frederick Palmer

... knowing the tastes of the Boche people, was in the habit of making them constant presents—oranges, a little hot soup, a cake or something of the kind. One evening, knowing that the concierge would sell her soul for a good salad, she took her the remains of a dish of beets and chicory. The next day she was dumfounded at hearing from Mlle Remanjon how Mme Boche had thrown the salad away, saying that she was not yet reduced to eating the leavings of other people! From that day forth Gervaise sent her nothing more. The Boches ...
— L'Assommoir • Emile Zola

... Incidentally, the possession of a coffee-roasting license became a kind of badge of membership in the upper class. The poorer classes were forced to get their coffee by stealth; and, failing this, they fell back upon numerous barley, wheat, corn, chicory, and dried-fig substitutes, that soon ...
— All About Coffee • William H. Ukers

... Tea Supply; Composition of Tea; Black Tea and Green Tea; Judging Teas; Adulteration of Tea; Food Value and Physiological Properties of Tea; Composition of Coffee; Adulteration of Coffee; Chicory in Coffee; Glazing of Coffee; Cereal Coffee Substitutes; Cocoa and Chocolate Preparations; Composition of Cocoa; Chocolate; Cocoa Nibs; Plain Chocolate; Sweet Chocolate; Cocoa Butter; Nutritive Value of Cocoa; Adulteration of Chocolate and Cocoa; ...
— Human Foods and Their Nutritive Value • Harry Snyder

... of chicory with a lump of maple sugar and began to sip it before he sat down, standing with one foot on the bench and looking down across the parade ground, past the Aitch-Cue House, toward the ...
— The Return • H. Beam Piper and John J. McGuire

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