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Class Aves

(ornithology) the class of birds.  Synonym: Aves.

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Words linked to "Class Aves" :   Galliformes, order Pelecaniformes, Podicipediformes, perching bird, Podicipitiformes, order Colymbiformes, Picariae, Cuculiformes, Aepyorniformes, order Anseriformes, order Gruiformes, Pelecaniformes, Casuariiformes, order Apodiformes, subclass Archaeornithes, Strigiformes, order Trogoniformes, Gaviiformes, order Casuariiformes, Vertebrata, class, Anseriformes, Raptores, subphylum Craniata, genus Protoavis, order Gaviiformes, percher, order Cuculiformes, order Psittaciformes, order Ciconiiformes, order Picariae, order Falconiformes, order Coraciiformes, Falconiformes, superorder Ratitae, order Apterygiformes, Sphenisciformes, Columbiformes, Colymbiformes, Struthioniformes, Coraciiformes, order Insessores, subphylum Vertebrata, Dinornithiformes, order Sphenisciformes, Procellariiformes, Apterygiformes, Ciconiiformes, order Aepyorniformes, order Piciformes, order Raptores, ornithology, Passeriformes, Rheiformes, Archaeornithes, order Strigiformes, young bird, Gruiformes, Insessores, Psittaciformes, order Dinornithiformes, order Passeriformes, Charadriiformes, order Caprimulgiformes, Caprimulgiformes, Ratitae, order Struthioniformes, order Procellariiformes, Piciformes, order Galliformes, order Podicipitiformes, Craniata, bird, order Rheiformes, order Charadriiformes, Trogoniformes, Apodiformes, order Podicipediformes, order Columbiformes

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