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Cockroach   /kˈɑkrˌoʊtʃ/   Listen

Any of numerous chiefly nocturnal insects; some are domestic pests.  Synonym: roach.

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"Cockroach" Quotes from Famous Books

... in the interval between her first and second "going on," Gladys hastened to her dressing-room, and was preparing to partake of the light refreshments she had ordered, when—to her horror—she perceived crawling towards her, across the floor, a huge cockroach—a hideous black thing with spidery legs and long antennae that it waved, to and fro, in the air, as it advanced. It was at least double the size of any Gladys had hitherto seen, and her feelings can best be appreciated by those who fear such things—her ...
— The Sorcery Club • Elliott O'Donnell

... Wetting, in Westphalia, several specimens of the cockroach or Blatta family, and the wing of a cricket (Acridites) have been described by Germar. Professor Goldenberg published, in 1854, descriptions of no less than twelve species of insects from the nodular clay-ironstone of Saarbruck, near Treves. ...
— The Student's Elements of Geology • Sir Charles Lyell

... the competition is often, if not generally, most severe between nearly related species when they are in contact, so that one drives the other before it, as the Hanoverian the old English rat, the small Asiatic cockroach in Russia, its greater congener, etc. And this, when duly considered, explains many curious results; such, for instance, as the considerable number of different genera of plants and animals which are generally found to inhabit any ...
— Darwiniana - Essays and Reviews Pertaining to Darwinism • Asa Gray

... chance in ten million of her knowing anything at all about India, I saw fit to explain that as a cockroach is to Allah so was Ali Higg to dozens of Indian bandits I had known. I told her tales of men's head piled mountains high, and of roads of corpses over which rajahs drove their chariots; of arenas full of tigers into which living prisoners were thrown once a week; and of a sheer cliff more than ...
— The Lion of Petra • Talbot Mundy

... rolled on the threshold of the church. The others turned and fled. One man fell, the others with a curse stumbled over him, recovered themselves, and sped on. Father Anthony, as you might spit a cockroach with a long pin, drove his sword in the fallen man's back and left it quivering. The dying scream rang in his ears as he drew his pistols. He muttered to himself: 'If one be spared he win return with seven worse devils. No! they must die that ...
— An Isle in the Water • Katharine Tynan

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