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Criminal offence   Listen
Criminal offence

(criminal law) an act punishable by law; usually considered an evil act.  Synonyms: crime, criminal offense, law-breaking, offence, offense.

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"Criminal offence" Quotes from Famous Books

... seen how one public prosecutor did his very best to get an unfortunate boy condemned, who could have evoked nothing but sympathy in an unperverted mind. I know how another cross-examined a sectarian and put down the reading of the Gospels as a criminal offence; in fact, the whole business of the Law Courts consists in senseless and ...
— Resurrection • Count Leo Tolstoy

... that, however honestly she may have offered her vote, however sincerely she may have believed that she had a right to vote, if she was mistaken in that judgment, her offering her vote and its being received makes a criminal offence—a proposition to me most abhorrent, as I believe it will be equally abhorrent to ...
— An Account of the Proceedings on the Trial of Susan B. Anthony • Anonymous

... addition also to his testimony that she and her husband were always quarrelling, it was proved by a respectable person that high words had passed between them on the evening previous to the day the criminal offence was committed, and that foolish, passionate expressions had escaped her about wishing to be rid of such a drunken wretch. This evidence, combined with the medical testimony, appeared so conclusive to ...
— The International Monthly Magazine, Volume 5, No. 1, January, 1852 • Various

... Chastity (for example) is, according to the Gospel, a Duty to both Sexes, yet a Transgression herein, even with the aggravation of wronging another Man, and possibly a whole Family thereby, is ordinarily talk'd as lightly of, as if it was but a Peccadillo in a Young Man, altho' a far less Criminal Offence against this Duty in a Maid shall in the Opinion of the same Persons brand her with perpetual Infamy: The nearest Relations oftentimes are hardly brought to look upon her after such a dishonour done by her to their Family; whilst the Fault of her more guilty Brother finds but ...
— Occasional Thoughts in Reference to a Vertuous or Christian life • Lady Damaris Masham

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