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Cube root   /kjub rut/   Listen
Cube root

A number that when multiplied three times equals a given number.

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"Cube root" Quotes from Famous Books

... mysteries of the higher mathematics, was early remarkable. It might be reasonably expected of the child of seven who was brought down from the primary benches and lifted up to the blackboard to demonstrate a difficult problem in cube root to the big boys and girls of the upper class that he should make rapid and masterful ...
— The Bay State Monthly - Volume 2, Issue 3, December, 1884 • Various

... Book III is on the division of figures. The plane portion is much on the lines of Euclid's Divisions (of figures). The solids divided in given ratios are the sphere, the pyramid, the cone and a frustum thereof. Incidentally Heron shows how he obtained an approximation to the cube root of a non-cube number (100). Quadratic equations are solved by Heron by a regular rule not unlike our method, and the Geometrica ...
— The Legacy of Greece • Various

... must have been great fun—once. Nowadays one would as lief be a Strasburg goose. When you and I went to school it was not quite so bad. True, neither of us could now extract a cube root with a stump puller, and it is sad to reflect how little call life has made for duodecimals. Sometimes it seems that all our struggle with moody verbs and insubordinate conjunctions was a wicked waste—poor little sleepy ...
— The Desire of the Moth; and The Come On • Eugene Manlove Rhodes

... could not have passed a normal school examination, but they could do what our graduates now cannot do—that is, make and mend a quill pen. Those were all the pens we had, and many a time have I chased our geese to get a new quill. The teachers patiently guided our wobbling ideas from the alphabet to cube root. The lessons over, we were told to "toe the crack," and "make obeisance," and were then put through our paces in the field of general knowledge. I still remember, from their drilling, the country, territory, county, and ...
— Journeys Through Bookland, Vol. 5 • Charles Sylvester

... limited to relating irrational elements. Mathematics is the only perfect science, inasmuch as it adds, subtracts, multiplies, and divides numbers, but not real and substantial things, inasmuch as it is the most formal of the sciences. Who can extract the cube root of an ash-tree? ...
— Tragic Sense Of Life • Miguel de Unamuno

... conceivable and intelligible, than that which affirms it to be. The case is different with the sciences, properly so called. Every proposition, which is not true, is there confused and unintelligible. That the cube root of 64 is equal to the half of 10, is a false proposition, and can never be distinctly conceived. But that Caesar, or the angel Gabriel, or any being never existed, may be a false proposition, but still is perfectly ...
— An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding • David Hume et al

... cubic number and a cube root. Mark off the places in threes. Find the first digit; treble it and place it under the next but one, and multiply by the digit. Then find the second digit. Multiply the first triplate and the second digit, twice by this digit. ...
— The Earliest Arithmetics in English • Anonymous

... Iowa.—Nominal horse power is merely a conventional expression for diameter of cylinder and length of stroke, and does not apply to the actual power of the engine. It is found by multiplying the cube root of the stroke in feet by the square of the diameter in inches and dividing the product by 47. This rule is based upon the postulate established by Watt, that the speed of a piston with two feet stroke is 160 feet per minute, and that for longer strokes the speed varies ...
— Scientific American, Vol.22, No. 1, January 1, 1870 • Various

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