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Cutting edge   /kˈətɪŋ ɛdʒ/   Listen
Cutting edge

The position of greatest importance or advancement; the leading position in any movement or field.  Synonyms: forefront, vanguard.  "The idea of motion was always to the forefront of his mind and central to his philosophy"
The sharp cutting side of the blade of a knife.  Synonym: knife edge.

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"Cutting edge" Quotes from Famous Books

... instrument formed with a cutting edge extending outwardly from the base of the tapering screw, and curved backwards and downwards until it intersects the periphery of the tool, as and for the ...
— Scientific American, Vol. 17, No. 26 December 28, 1867 • Various

... common Murre in having a shorter and thicker bill, the base of the cutting edge of which is less feathered. They breed on the same islands in company with the common Murre and their eggs are indistinguishable. Data.—Coast of South Labrador. Single egg laid on ledge of cliff. About three hundred birds in ...
— The Bird Book • Chester A. Reed

... started. But there was a difference. By the time the brown chunk had been removed from the bunker it had solidified to the point that nothing would break or cut it. The surface yielded slightly to the heaviest cutting edge of a power saw and then sprang back, unmarked. A diamond drill ...
— Make Mine Homogenized • Rick Raphael

... that burnt in me; if I were permitted to take her into my arms and cheat myself for a single illusive instant with the thought that she was mine—what would it all mean? Only giving a sharper, more cutting edge to the bit in my mouth and rousing in her a hunger I could not satisfy. She was at present devoted to her art with a devotion that left her practically indifferent to everything else, and there was a thin frame of ice round her, which her abstraction and her ceaseless work built up; but ...
— To-morrow? • Victoria Cross

... skilful race, supposed to have been Celts from Gaul, came armed with iron weapons, to whom the men of bronze succumbed, or with whom, more probably, they gradually intermingled. When iron, or rather steel, came into use, its superiority in affording a cutting edge was so decisive that it seems to have supplanted bronze almost at once;[4] the latter metal continuing to be employed only for the purpose of making scabbards or sword-handles. Shortly after the commencement ...
— Industrial Biography - Iron Workers and Tool Makers • Samuel Smiles

... use of fire for splitting silex and manufacturing from it instruments whose cutting edge he perfected by means of a series of retouchings produced by slight percussions upon ...
— Scientific American Supplement, No. 392, July 7, 1883 • Various

... temper, without great weight in proportion to their length and size. Iron is only employed in Homer for some knives, which are never said to be used in battle (not even for dealing the final stab, like the mediaeval poniard, the misericorde), for axes, which have a short cutting edge, and may be thick and weighty behind the edge, and for the rough implements of the shepherd and ploughman, such as tips of ploughshares, of goads, ...
— Homer and His Age • Andrew Lang

... anniversary of Highland Mary's death drew on, he was observed by his wife to "grow sad about something, and to wander solitary on the banks of Nith, and about his farmyard in the extremest agitation of mind nearly the whole night. He screened himself on the lee-side of a corn-stack from the cutting edge of the night wind, and lingered till approaching dawn wiped out the stars, one by one, from the firmament." Some more details Lockhart has added, said to have been received from Mrs. Burns, but these the latest editor regards ...
— Robert Burns • Principal Shairp

... old-fashioned sort, as everybody knows, gets its temper by being heated to redness and suddenly cooled by quenching or plunging it into water or oil. But when the point gets heated up again, as it does by friction in a lathe, it softens and loses its cutting edge. So the necessity of keeping the tool cool limited the speed of ...
— Creative Chemistry - Descriptive of Recent Achievements in the Chemical Industries • Edwin E. Slosson

... shape or contour of the cutting edge of the tool. The proportion is as 1 in a thread tool to 6 ...
— The Principles of Scientific Management • Frederick Winslow Taylor

... approached it. In spite of his determination, the life-blood of his confidence ebbed, a sense of the power and might of the man who had now become his adversary increased; and that apprehension of the impact of the great banker's personality, the cutting edge with the vast achievements wedged in behind it, each adding weight and impetus to its momentum the apprehension he had felt in less degree on the day of the first meeting, and which had almost immediately evaporated—surged up in him now. His fear was lest the charged atmosphere of ...
— The Crossing • Winston Churchill

... entire kidney may be lost without interfering with the functions of life. Marvand, the Surgeon-Major of an Algerian regiment, reports the case of a young Arab woman who had been severely injured in the right lumbar region by a weapon called a "yataghan," an instrument which has only one cutting edge. On withdrawing this instrument the right kidney was extruded, became strangulated between the lips of the wound, and caused considerable hemorrhage. A ligature was put around the base of the organ, and after some weeks the ...
— Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine • George M. Gould

... a dagger! jeweled-handled and richly wrought—such as Lanty had never looked upon before. The hilt was studded with gems, and the blade, which had a cutting edge, was damascened in blue and gold. Her soft eyes reflected the brilliant setting, her lips parted breathlessly; then, as her mother's voice arose in the other room, she thrust it back into its velvet sheath ...
— Openings in the Old Trail • Bret Harte

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