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Douse   /daʊs/   Listen

(past & past part. doused; pres. part. dousing)
Put out, as of a candle or a light.  Synonym: put out.
Wet thoroughly.  Synonym: dowse.
Dip into a liquid.  Synonyms: dip, duck.
Immerse briefly into a liquid so as to wet, coat, or saturate.  Synonyms: dip, dunk, plunge, souse.  "Dip the brush into the paint"
Lower quickly.
Slacken.  Synonym: dowse.
Cover with liquid; pour liquid onto.  Synonyms: dowse, drench, soak, sop, souse.

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"Douse" Quotes from Famous Books

... hour of night there were lights moving upon the shore, probably occasioned by the unloading a smuggling lugger from the Isle of Man which was lying in the bay. On the light from the sashed door of the house being observed, a halloo from the vessel of 'Ware hawk! Douse the glim!' alarmed those who were on shore, and the lights ...
— Guy Mannering, or The Astrologer, Complete, Illustrated • Sir Walter Scott

... Mr. E. A. Douse has spent forty-two years in a Cheshire post-office. It is only fair to say that the young lady behind the counter didn't notice him standing ...
— Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 159, October 27, 1920 • Various

... it, doctor; but, 'twixt me an' you, I doubt ef anybody on the lot'll have the courage to douse 'im. Maybe we might call in somebody passin', an' git them to do it. But for the rest,—the bath an' the mustard,—of co'se it shall be did correct. You see, the trouble hez always been thet befo' we could git any physic measured out, ...
— Sonny, A Christmas Guest • Ruth McEnery Stuart

... questions sooch as dese: Who baints mine nose so red? Who vas it cuts dot schmoodth blace oudt Vrom der hair ubon mine hed? Und vere dere plaze goes vrom her lamp Vene'er der glim I douse. How gan I all dose dings eggsblain To ...
— The Book of Humorous Verse • Various

... night offended my roommates. The lamplight got in their eyes. There were three fellows in the room besides myself. For several nights they advised me to "cut out the higher education, douse that light and come to bed." Finally they spoke about it in the daytime. "Majority rules," they said, "and there's three of us against you. We can't sleep while you have that lamp burning. The light keeps us awake and it also makes the room so hot that the devil couldn't stand it. If you stay ...
— The Iron Puddler • James J. Davis

... from this pair," laughed the bearded one to his companion at the hatchway. "Now, I'll douse the cabin light, and then we'll cast off. This thing ...
— The Submarine Boys and the Middies • Victor G. Durham

... only once in the twelvemonth!" And that was the end of him; the insult rankled in his mind; and he retired to rest. He is a fish-curer, a man over fifty, and pretty rich too. He's as bad again to-day; but I'll be shot if he keeps me awake, I'll douse him with water if he makes a ...
— The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition Vol. 23 (of 25) • Robert Louis Stevenson

... my old bed at home by a long shot. There's no use talking, Thad, you're built for a carpenter, sure pop, and if there's any vacancy aboard the CAMPERTOWN in that line I'm going to induce Uncle Ambrose to let you fill it. Douse the glim whenever you're ready, Cook. I hope I won't have to crawl out of this bully berth until morning," was the reply of the other, that brought a smile of satisfaction to Thad's face, for it is always pleasant to know that one's ...
— The House Boat Boys • St. George Rathborne

... of you," cried Jack in a quick, earnest tone; "be ready to douse the sail. I very much fear we won't ...
— The Coral Island - A Tale Of The Pacific Ocean • R. M. Ballantyne

... tea as that which they had from the tin tea pail and from the one tin cup. What though the blizzard howled its loudest in front of their cave? What though the swirling snow threatened now and then to douse their fire? What though the tea boiled over and the pork burned to a crisp? What though a single bannock stood alone between them and starvation? What cared they? Heaven was about them, and its music was ringing ...
— The Foreigner • Ralph Connor

... that leads by the Mineral Spring, and looking towards an opposite shore of the lake, an ascending bank, with a douse border of trees, green, yellow, red, russet, all bright colors, brightened by the mild brilliancy of the descending sun; it was strange to recognize the sober old friends of spring and summer in this new dress. By the by, a pretty riddle ...
— Passages From The American Notebooks, Volume 1 • Nathaniel Hawthorne

... by this time, but I'll just bet Farron is giving the boys a little supper, or something, to welcome Jessie home, and now he's got obstinate and won't let them douse ...
— Starlight Ranch - and Other Stories of Army Life on the Frontier • Charles King

... you turn in at night, about manhole covers bein' blown through your front windows, or whether the basement floor will drop into the subway, or if some gun gang is going to use your street for a shootin' gallery. All you do is douse the lights and feel sure nothin's going to happen ...
— The House of Torchy • Sewell Ford

... water and scalded with hot, beaten with bundles of birch twigs, rubbed down with wads of hemp which scraped like brickbats, and finally left to recover my breath upon the highest and hottest step of the whole stairway. A douse of cold water finally put an end to the ordeal and to my misery; and, groping my way out into the entry, I proceeded, with chattering teeth, to dress. In a moment I was joined by the Major, and we resumed our walk, feeling ...
— Tent Life in Siberia • George Kennan

... stretch of Bad Lands. If them blamed Injuns hadn't lied, I could have packed water easy enough. They don't seem to be no end to it, and I must have come forty mile. You're in for it, Smith. It's goin' to be worse before it's better. If I could only lay in a crick—roll in it—douse my face in it—soak my clothes in it! God! ...
— 'Me-Smith' • Caroline Lockhart

... lethargic mass was aroused to unwilling motion by the lash of the west wind. The hull of the Shining Light collapsed. 'Twas time to be off. I awoke the fool—who had still soundly slept. The fool would douse the cabin fire, in a seemly way, and put out the lights; but my uncle forbade him, having rather, said he, watch the old craft go down with a warm glow issuing from her. Presently she was gone, all the warmth and comfort and hope of the world expiring in her descent: there was no more a Shining ...
— The Cruise of the Shining Light • Norman Duncan

... things." "Your ignorance, brother," returned she, "as the great Milton says, almost subdues my patience."[*] "D—n Milton!" answered the squire: "if he had the impudence to say so to my face, I'd lend him a douse, thof he was never so great a man. Patience! An you come to that, sister, I have more occasion of patience, to be used like an overgrown schoolboy, as I am by you. Do you think no one hath any understanding, ...
— The History of Tom Jones, a foundling • Henry Fielding

... Uncounted miles from the Fatherland, With a foe beneath every wisp of smoke, And a menace in every strip of strand. Up, glasses! Paul Jones was but one of these, Hull, Bainbridge, Decatur, their brothers, too! (Ha! those pirate nights In a ring of foes, When you douse your lights And drive home your blows!) Hats off ...
— The New York Times Current History of the European War, Vol 1, Issue 4, January 23, 1915 • Various

... fellows," he said, realizing that the others were all agog with excitement, and both Bluff and Will consumed with curiosity. "We must douse the glim, and in the dark change our anchorage. Then, if they come poking over here to-night, looking for us, they ...
— The Outdoor Chums on the Gulf • Captain Quincy Allen

... Cook, put up another slice, douse it in butter, salt and pepper, and serve it up as you used to do when I employed you at the Astor. Gentlemen, how do you like ...
— Adrift in the Wilds - or, The Adventures of Two Shipwrecked Boys • Edward S. Ellis

... "Douse yer light an' crawl back!" She recognized the rough half contemptuous voice of Hod Blake. And the next instant she thought of the roar of guns, the acrid smell of burned powder, and the thin red streaks of flame that had pierced the night like swift arrows ...
— Prairie Flowers • James B. Hendryx

... ladies, I never do anything worse to disturb folk than give a shout or a yell or two, but occasionally I do let fly with a leg or an arm when the fit's on me, an' if I should get entangled with this flummery, you know I'd be apt to damage it. Yes, the safest way will be to douse the tops'ls altogether. As to the chair—well, I'll supply a noo one that'll stand rough weather. If you'll also clear away the petticoats from the table it'll do well enough. In regard to the lookin'-glass, I know pretty well what I'm like, an' don't have any desire to study ...
— The Young Trawler • R.M. Ballantyne

... the cry!" said Carew, in his hail-fellow-well-met, royal way. "Why, we're the very best of fellows, and the very fastest friends! Come, all to the old Three Lions inn, and douse a can of brown March brew at my expense. To the Queen, to good fair play, and to all the fine fellows ...
— Master Skylark • John Bennett

... place and yet leave room for others. My own rooms are the first you come to; lofty as a church, dim as one, yet furnished with all that a woman could desire. Yes, indeed, all I can desire. In my dressing-room are gowns from Douse's and hats from Alphonsine's, jewels from the Rue de la Paix, furs from Canada—all there to call back my life of two short years ago, that laughing life of Paris and the cities when I was free, and all the world my own, and only my girlhood ...
— The House Under the Sea - A Romance • Sir Max Pemberton

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