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Excrete   /ɪkskrˈit/   Listen

(past & past part. excreted; pres. part. excreting)
Eliminate from the body.  Synonyms: egest, eliminate, pass.

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"Excrete" Quotes from Famous Books

... to give another and more complex illustration of the action of natural selection. Certain plants excrete sweet juice, apparently for the sake of eliminating something injurious from the sap: this is effected, for instance, by glands at the base of the stipules in some Leguminosae, and at the backs of the leaves of the common laurel. This ...
— On the Origin of Species - 6th Edition • Charles Darwin

... Carolina, in which he informed them that the cause of infertility of soils is a poisonous substance excreted by the plant itself, and that this can be overcome by changing from one crop to another because the excrete of one plant, while poisonous to that plant, will not be poisonous to other plants of a different kind. Thus, by rotation of crops, good crops could be grown indefinitely on the same land without the addition ...
— The Story of the Soil • Cyril G. Hopkins

Words linked to "Excrete" :   take a leak, urinate, take a crap, wee-wee, defecate, piddle, discharge, upchuck, make water, spend a penny, eject, release, excretory, pee-pee, egest, wee, perspire, evacuate, sudate, puke, puddle, purge, crap, micturate, piss, honk, cast, exude, transude, disgorge, throw up, make, empty, stool, be sick, sweat, void, regorge, eliminate, ca-ca, excreting, vomit, shit, ooze out, exudate, regurgitate, excretion, exhaust, spew, pass, relieve oneself, pee, retch, vomit up, barf, cat, pass water, spue, chuck, sick, take a shit, expel, ooze

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