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Fuddle   Listen

(past & past part. fuddled; pres. part. fuddling)
Make stupid with alcohol.  Synonym: befuddle.
Consume alcohol.  Synonyms: booze, drink.
Be confusing or perplexing to; cause to be unable to think clearly.  Synonyms: bedevil, befuddle, confound, confuse, discombobulate, fox, throw.  "This question completely threw me" , "This question befuddled even the teacher"

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"Fuddle" Quotes from Famous Books

... bit you. liquor, liquor up; wet one's whistle, take a whet; crack a bottle, pass the bottle; toss off &c (drink up) 298; go to the alehouse, go to the public house. make one drunk &c adj.; inebriate, fuddle, befuddle, fuzzle^, get into one's head. Adj. drunk, tipsy; intoxicated; inebrious^, inebriate, inebriated; in one's cups; in a state of intoxication &c n.; temulent^, temulentive^; bombed, smashed; fuddled, mellow, cut, boozy, fou^, fresh, merry, elevated; flustered, disguised, groggy, ...
— Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases: Body • Roget

... with an incertitude that muddled his movements, made to cross to her side where she lay with her arms outstretched in the fuddle of dishes, made to touch her black silk sleeve where it emerged from the blue-checked apron, hesitated, sucking his lips in between his teeth, swung on his heel, then around once more, and placed his ...
— Every Soul Hath Its Song • Fannie Hurst

... the ladies retired, though I do not hold the master of the feast obliged to fuddle himself through complacence (and, indeed, it is his own fault generally if his company be such as would desire it), yet he is to see that the bottle circulate sufficient to afford every person present a moderate quantity of wine if he chuses it; at ...
— Miscellanies, Volume 2 (from Works, Volume 12) • Henry Fielding

... even to a hymn tune; and there was Handel, for whom he professed a great admiration! What mattered his subjects? He could but compose the sort of thing the court wanted of him, and in order to that, had to fuddle his brains first, poor fellow! ...
— Thomas Wingfold, Curate • George MacDonald

Words linked to "Fuddle" :   put off, soak, flummox, puzzle, demoralize, carry, disconcert, disorderliness, perplex, gravel, tank, consume, bib, port, disorient, hold, get, pub-crawl, disorientate, take in, bar hop, flurry, have, nonplus, bewilder, mystify, tipple, beat, ingest, stupefy, intoxicate, inebriate, souse, disorder, dumbfound, hit it up, vex, pose, take, be, amaze, claret, rummage, stick, wine, tope, baffle

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