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Genetics   /dʒənˈɛtɪks/   Listen

The branch of biology that studies heredity and variation in organisms.  Synonym: genetic science.

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"Genetics" Quotes from Famous Books

... 2.—Heredity v. Environment: Genetics and Heredity; Heredity and Environment, Aspects reviewed; Degenerate Families, Life-histories; Dr. Macgregor, Deductions from his Report; Degenerate Stocks imported, Effect of; Environmental Factor, Importance of; Pre-natal and Post-natal Care, Value of; Housing Problem; Relationship of Impaired ...
— Mental Defectives and Sexual Offenders • W. H. Triggs, Donald McGavin, Frederick Truby King, J. Sands Elliot, Ada G. Patterson, C.E. Matthews

... And how Life's parts are equal to its Whole. And Thought — and do the Masses Understand? She lightly touched on Life and Love and Death, And Cosmic Consciousness, and on Unrest, Substance and Shadow, Solid Things and Breath, The New Art movements her sweet voice caressed, Philanthropy, Genetics, Social Duty, The Mother-Teacher claimed a passing smile, And she made clear we all must worship Beauty And Concentrate on Things that are Worth While. "Each night," she said, "each night ere I retire Into the Depths I peer, and I inquire, "Have I today some Worth-while Summit scaled? ...
— Hermione and Her Little Group of Serious Thinkers • Don Marquis

Words linked to "Genetics" :   xx, Mendel's law, dominance, interbreeding, hybrid vigor, hybridizing, allelomorph, genetic, monogenic, bivalent, character, recessive, translocation, point mutation, univalent, heteroploid, insertional mutagenesis, genetic mutation, genomics, linkage, expression, inheritance, hybridization, mapping, hereditary pattern, XY, inversion, mutation, miosis, gene mutation, cistron, haploidic, XXY, xxx, genetic science, single nucleotide polymorphism, allele, reversion, zygote, transposition, sex chromosome, amphidiploid, gene, chromosomal mutation, saltation, transduction, carrier, vector, geneticist, filial, XYY, homozygote, parental, factor, crossing, dominant, polymorphism, triploid, heterozygous, replication, SNP, polyploid, homozygous, recombination, cross, crossbreed, biology, polygenic, reduction division, meiosis, monoploid, diploid, proteomics, hybrid, translation, deletion, chromosome mapping, hybridisation, haploid, position effect, unit character, segregation, transcription, haplotype, genetical, heterosis, fertilized ovum, double, gene linkage, cosmid, transformation, multivalent, crossbreeding, heterozygote, translate, biological science

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