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Glower   /glˈaʊər/   Listen

An angry stare.  Synonym: glare.

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"Glower" Quotes from Famous Books

... familiar. This was true, and it was my fault; but really it was with difficulty that I could bring myself to treat Andreas as a servant. He was more, in my estimation, in the nature of the confidential major-domo, and to me he was simply invaluable. Villiers had to chew his moustache, and glower discontentedly at Andreas. ...
— The Idler, Volume III., Issue XIII., February 1893 - An Illustrated Monthly. Edited By Jerome K. Jerome & Robert Barr • Various

... third proved that he was not himself. For he was born to treat his clothes with respect. Mr. Waverton would be jumping up to look out of the window, flounce down again in his chair to drink wine and stare with profound meaning at the table, start up and stride to the hearth and glower down at its emptiness—and repeat the motions in a different order. He must be theatrical even ...
— The Highwayman • H.C. Bailey

... from roof to pit, And the Manager was jubilant at having made a hit. The Curtain drawing slowly up, revealed a flowery glade, In which the Fairy Starlight and her lovely maidens played. The wicked Demon then came on, and round the stage did glower; No mortal man could e'er withstand his wrath or evil power. Last of all came Burleybumbo with his crew, a motley horde, Our old friend, Blacksmith JOHN, was in attendance on his lord. They were singing and carousing, when a man rushed in to say That a dozen wealthy travellers were ...
— Punch, or The London Charivari, Vol. 100., Jan. 17, 1891 • Various

... Pumblechook, who was a corn seller in the next town and a pompous old hypocrite. He had a way of standing Pip before him, rumpling up his hair and asking him hard questions out of the multiplication table. And whenever he told a story of any one who was ungrateful or wicked he would glower at Pip in a way that ...
— Tales from Dickens • Charles Dickens and Hallie Erminie Rives

... are ye thinking, ye silly gossoons? Will ye bring down the peace officers upon ye, and take out the bit o' the night in the prison, instead o' drinking me health, as ye may, and me helping to do that same? Arrah! Why should ye glower and snarl at each other, like a kennel o' mad puppies, when it's the brave frolic ye may have together? It's the soft looks and the fine words ye must use, an' ye would win the young heretic back; ye may fight over her till ...
— Live to be Useful - or, The Story of Annie Lee and her Irish Nurse • Anonymous

... propriety, but he could not deny, as he looked at her, that she was a very fine woman. In many climes he had looked upon women of all shades and ages, but never upon a more clearcut, handsome face, nor a more erect, supple, and womanly figure. He ceased to glower as he gazed upon her, and the frown smoothed ...
— Beyond the City • Arthur Conan Doyle

... (instrument) 445. V. be dimsighted &c n.; see double; have a mote in the eye, have a mist before the eyes, have a film over the eyes; see through a prism, see through a glass darkly; wink, blink, nictitate; squint; look askant^, askant askance^; screw up the eyes, glare, glower; nictate^. dazzle, loom. Adj. dim-sighted &c n.; myopic, presbyopic^; astigmatic, moon-eyed, mope-eyed, blear-eyed, goggle-eyed, gooseberry-eyed, one-eyed; blind of one eye, monoculous^; half-blind, purblind; cock-eyed, dim-eyed, mole- eyed; dichroic. ...
— Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases: Body • Roget

... that Marjory was "glowering." She regarded the overdressed girl with aversion, answered her mincingly-spoken "How do you do, Marjory?" very curtly, and continued to "glower," as Mrs. Smylie described it, without saying ...
— Hunter's Marjory - A Story for Girls • Margaret Bruce Clarke

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