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A whitish rubber derived from the coagulated milky latex of gutta-percha trees; used for insulation of electrical cables.

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"Gutta-percha" Quotes from Famous Books

... clerk's office has begun. In the transaction with this castellated baron, you have of course been treated with haughtiness, but not with ferocity, and your self-respect swells with a sense of having escaped positive insult; your key clicks cheerfully in your pocket against its gutta-percha number, and you walk up and down the gorgeously carpeted, single-columned, two-story cabin, amid a multitude of plush sofas and chairs, a glitter of glass, and a tinkle of prismatic chandeliers overhead, ...
— Henry James, Jr. • William Dean Howells

... Cloth Makers, Furriers, Fustian Clothing Making, Galvanised Iron Manufacture, Gassing Process, Gilders, Glass Making, Glass Paper Making, Glass Polishing and Cutting, Grinding Processes, Gunpowder Manufacturing, Gutta-percha Manufacture, Hat Makers, Hemp Manufacture, Horn Goods Making, Horse-hair Making, Hydrochloric Acid Manufacture, India-rubber Manufacture, Iodine Manufacture, Ivory Goods Making, Jewellers, Jute Manufacture, Knife Grinders, Knife ...
— The Dyeing of Cotton Fabrics - A Practical Handbook for the Dyer and Student • Franklin Beech

... out as regimental stew-pans, as there was a dearth of cooking-pots, and the warming-pans might have added materially to the comforts of the insides, instead of the outsides of the men, by reducing the gutta-percha-like texture of Cyprian bullocks into a savoury stew. Another comfort thoughtfully supplied by some more than usually insane authority, who no doubt had passed a severe competitive examination, was exhibited in countless coal-boxes of ...
— Cyprus, as I Saw it in 1879 • Sir Samuel W. Baker

... if employed, is to be thoroughly rubbed in the diseased areas once or twice daily. The same may be said of the oily applications. The paints (medicated collodion and gutta-percha solution) are applied with a brush, once daily, or every second or third day, depending mainly upon the length of time the film remains ...
— Essentials of Diseases of the Skin • Henry Weightman Stelwagon

... told—written down and signed and sent to the Cabinet in secret. This infamous paper certifies among other things (of which we have not heard)—that Mr. Hawthorne has been in the habit of writing political articles in magazines and newspapers!" So it appears that the gutta-percha formula [Footnote: By which eighty-eight per cent, of the classified service were removed.] of President Cleveland in regard to "offensive partisanship" was really invented forty years before his time, and had as much value in one case as in the other. It is ...
— The Life and Genius of Nathaniel Hawthorne • Frank Preston Stearns

... betel-nut trees, both in full bearing, to a tapioca plantation, where we saw many trees and plants new to us—the fan and sago palms and many other varieties, bananas, nutmeg trees, bread fruit, durion, gutta-percha trees and others. We also saw the indigo plant under cultivation, and passed through fields of the sensitive plant as we walked about, while pine-apples were everywhere. We are in a new world of vegetation here, within a degree of the Equator; but, rich as it ...
— Round the World • Andrew Carnegie

... of use in the scrofulous swellings of the fingers. Tincture of iodine, indeed, may be painted over them when quite small, while at the same time the joints are kept quiet by a small gutta-percha splint. When they become considerable, iodine is useless; and even if matter forms in the swelling it is much better to let it make its way out by a small opening spontaneously than to make a puncture with a lancet, since the edges of the wound would not heal, ...
— The Mother's Manual of Children's Diseases • Charles West, M.D.

... arrival, and they had lots of things to see and ask about. Several of their little friend's treasures made them rather envious, especially a new kind of ball, an india-rubber one—and india-rubber or gutta-percha toys were then something quite new—as round and plump as his own cheeks, filled Ger's heart with ...
— Miss Mouse and Her Boys • Mrs. Molesworth

... Miss Dunlap called up, but not to leave an order. When she had finally rung off Louis looked dazedly at the wire to see if the insulation had melted. It seemed impossible that rubber and gutta-percha could withstand such heat as had come sizzling from the Santa Fe. From what the lady had said it required no great inductive powers to reason that the rate clerk had told all. Coming victorious to Miss Lackawanna's door to have his knuckles collodionized he had made known in coarse, ...
— Laughing Bill Hyde and Other Stories • Rex Beach

... torches lends an appropriate weirdness to the figure of the uncouthly clad pedlar who, with the politeness of the arch-fiend himself, displays to an eager group the fatal fascinations of some new conceit. Here the latest thing in inventions, a gutta-percha rat, which, for reasons best known to the vender, scampers about squeaking with a mimicry to shame the original, holds an admiring crowd spellbound with mingled trepidation and delight. There a native zoetrope, indefatigable round of pleasure, whose top fashioned ...
— The Soul of the Far East • Percival Lowell

... shifted, and part of it was transferred to the other boats, and soon they were advancing as pleasantly, though not as quickly as before, while the Captain explained that he had brought a solution of gutta-percha for the express purpose of repairing damages to the boats, but that it was impossible to use it until they could disembark either on land or on ...
— The Giant of the North - Pokings Round the Pole • R.M. Ballantyne

... bellows can be repaired in the same way, but if it happens to be a hole at or near a part of the cloth which is compelled to bend in the working of the bellows, you will have to use some kind of rubber or leather cement, preferably the latter. This can be made by dissolving gutta-percha in bisulphide of carbon, but a good leather cement may be had at almost any shoe store. If the bellows are porous, it may be well to give them a coat of cement, but never paint them; the paint cracks and the leaks ...
— Piano Tuning - A Simple and Accurate Method for Amateurs • J. Cree Fischer

... oakum thick and soft enough to equalize the irregularities of the surface and to form a bedding for the protection of the skin from chafing. Over this the splints are placed. The material for these is, variously, pasteboard, thin wood, bark, laths, gutta-percha, strips of thin metal, as tin or perhaps sheet iron. They should be of sufficient length not only to cover the region of the fracture but to extend sufficiently above and below to render the immobility more nearly complete than in the ...
— Special Report on Diseases of the Horse • United States Department of Agriculture

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