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Infuriate   /ɪnfjˈʊriˌeɪt/   Listen

(past & past part. infuriated; pres. part. infuriating)
Make furious.  Synonyms: exasperate, incense.

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"Infuriate" Quotes from Famous Books

... The excitement under which I labored made me reckless of the issue of this adventure. The sight of the lonely man upon the wreck, coupled with the unmanly, brutal intention of Coxon to leave him to his fate, had goaded me into a state of mind infuriate enough to have done and dared anything to compel Coxon to save him. He might call it mutiny, but I called it humanity; and I was prepared to stand or fall by my theory. The hate the crew had for their captain and chief mate was quite strong enough to guarantee me against any ...
— Great Sea Stories • Various

... Venus, child Of Jove, her fav'rite's peril quickly saw. And broke the throttling strap of tough bull's hide. In the broad hand the empty helm remained. The trophy, by their champion whirl'd amid The well-greav'd Greeks, his eager comrades seiz'd; While he, infuriate, rush'd with murd'rous aim On Priam's son; but him, the Queen of Love (As Gods can only) from the field convey'd, Wrapt in a misty cloud; and on a couch, Sweet perfumes breathing, gently laid him down; Then went in ...
— The Iliad • Homer

... of it. By this trying state of privation, distrust, and suspicion, the hatred against the supposed poisoners became greatly increased, and often broke out in popular commotions, which only served still further to infuriate the wildest passions. The noble and the mean fearlessly bound themselves by an oath to extirpate the Jews by fire and sword, and to snatch them from their protectors, of whom the number was so small, that throughout all Germany but few places can be mentioned where these unfortunate people were ...
— The Black Death, and The Dancing Mania • Justus Friedrich Karl Hecker

... fight!" broke in this infuriate young fool, and the next moment he had snatched up the ink-bottle from the table before him and tossed it into his enemy's face. That is to say, it did not quite reach its aim; for Lionel had instinctively raised his hand, and the missile ...
— Prince Fortunatus • William Black

... joy in the Lord—or wished to express anything. It was as if religious societies had become wet blankets to suppress any approach to a hearty expression of religious faith. Nevertheless, by God's grace, it all worked in this case not to crush but to infuriate and stir the ...
— The Authoritative Life of General William Booth • George Scott Railton

... dissolving acrid smoke of wounded pride begin to loom arbitrary points. First, that Birnier would have complained, as he once had threatened to do, to Washington, which would infuriate the authorities in Berlin; and secondly, that he would have written to Lucille revealing the attempt he had made upon the life of her husband as well as the things he had said. How Birnier had escaped was immaterial, but the particular ...
— Witch-Doctors • Charles Beadle

... steady, and warded off the blows of his infuriate master; but in spite of his exertions he was hit several times in the breast and face, and even "below the belt," for he did not deem it prudent to give another blow. Archy reared and plunged like an ...
— Watch and Wait - or The Young Fugitives • Oliver Optic

... you might have been driving through the black country in the Walsall district with the population of Aldershot let loose upon its dingy roads. 'Put on this shrapnel helmet. That hat of yours would infuriate the Boche'—this was an unkind allusion to the only uniform which I have a right to wear. 'Take this gas helmet. You won't need it, but it is a standing order. ...
— A Visit to Three Fronts • Arthur Conan Doyle

... battle, but all the hotly fought for strongholds were defended by machine guns to the last. It was reported that the bodies of some enemy soldiers were found chained to their guns, and that on the bodies of others were intoxicating pills, designed to madden and infuriate the takers before an attack. The fighting in the trenches was mainly done by bombing with hand-grenades, of which the enemy had several patterns, all effective. His most used type was a grey tin cylinder, holding about a pound of explosive, and screwed to a wooden ...
— The Old Front Line • John Masefield

... AEneas, by the sight unmann'd: Fear stifled speech and stiffened all his hair. Fain would he fly, and quit the tempting land, Surprised and startled by the god's command. Ah! what to do? what opening can he find To break the news, the infuriate Queen withstand? This way and that dividing his swift mind, All means in turns he tries, ...
— The Aeneid of Virgil - Translated into English Verse by E. Fairfax Taylor • Virgil

... the moment when controversy with regard to the internal evidence of composition in the writings attributed to Shakespeare was raging high, and the amusing appendices were added at the last moment that they might infuriate the pedants of the New Shakespeare Society. They amply fulfilled ...
— A Study of Shakespeare • Algernon Charles Swinburne

... natures in one person. It was at the Council of Ephesus, in A.D. 449, that Flavianus, Bishop of Constantinople, was so beaten by the other bishops that he died of his wounds, and the bishops who held with him hid themselves under benches to get out of the way of their infuriate brothers in Christ (see notes on pp. 136, 137). The Theopaschites were a branch of the Eutychian heresy, and the Monophysites were a cognate sect; from these arose the Acephali, Anthropomorphites, Barsanuphites, and Esaianists. Not less important than the heresy of Eutyches was that ...
— The Freethinker's Text Book, Part II. - Christianity: Its Evidences, Its Origin, Its Morality, Its History • Annie Besant

... be if the tomahawks left the hands that were drawn back to throw, if the knives that were flourished in our faces should be buried to the haft in our hearts, that we courted death, striving with word and look to infuriate our executioners to the point of forgetting their former purpose in the lust for instant vengeance. It was not to be. The werowance spoke again, pointing to the hills with the black houses upon them, dimly seen through the mist. A moment, ...
— To Have and To Hold • Mary Johnston

... standing stretch'd his mighty arm, And fix'd the Man of Words, as by a charm. "How raved that railer! Sure some hellish power Restrain'd my tongue in that delirious hour, Or I had hurl'd the shame and vengeance due On him, the guide of that infuriate crew; But to mine eyes, such dreadful looks appear'd, Such mingled yell of lying words I heard, That I conceived around were demons all, And till I fled the house, I fear'd its fall. "Oh! could our country from our coasts expel Such foes! to nourish those who wish ...
— Tales • George Crabbe

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