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Man-child   /mæn-tʃaɪld/   Listen

A child who is male.  Synonym: male offspring.

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"Man-child" Quotes from Famous Books

... Broken premonitions come, Shapes, gestures visionary, Not as once to maiden Mary The manifest angel with fresh lilies came Intelligibly calling her by name; But vanishingly, dumb, Thwarted and bright and wild, As heralding a sin-defiled, Earth-encumbered, blood-begotten, passionate man-child, Who yet should be a trump of mighty call Blown in the gates of evil kings To make them fall; Who yet should be a sword of flame before The soul's inviolate door To beat away the clang of hellish wings; ...
— The Little Book of Modern Verse • Jessie B. Rittenhouse

... sound broke the deathlike stillness of the jungle midday save the piteous wailing of the tiny man-child. ...
— Tarzan of the Apes • Edgar Rice Burroughs

... that no other man that he knew would have so wished in Hugh's place; and then the Earl had sworn a coarse oath or two, saying that he was old and spent, and if he did not beget an heir, Hugh should come after him; but that if he did beget a man-child, then that Hugh should have the guarding of him after he himself was gone. And then he did up his letter roughly, splashed wax upon it, and pricked it with a signet; and bade Hugh ride in haste with a score of troopers, saying, "And I trust you with this because you do not turn your eyes aside ...
— Paul the Minstrel and Other Stories - Reprinted from The Hill of Trouble and The Isles of Sunset • Arthur Christopher Benson

... reached King Teghmus, he bade celebrate the wedding festivities and adorn the city; after which he went in unto the Princess and abated her maidenhead; nor was it long before she conceived by him and, accomplishing her months, bare a man-child like the moon on the night of its full. When King Teghmus knew that his wife had given birth to a goodly son, he rejoiced with exceeding joy and, summoning the sages and astrologers and mathematicians, said to them, 'I would that ye draw the horoscope of the newborn child ...
— The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, Volume 5 • Richard F. Burton

... It was in our last quarrel with Castac I lost the only man-child I ever had, dead before he was born. When the women showed me his face, it was all puckered with the bitterness of that defeat. You may well say ...
— The Arrow-Maker - A Drama in Three Acts • Mary Austin

... and in royal guise Her helpless body, once the prize of love, Unable now for fear or hope to move, Lay underneath the golden canopy; And bowed down by unkingly misery The King sat by it, and not far away, Within the chamber a fair man-child lay, His mother's bane, the king that was to be, Not witting yet of any royalty, Harmless and loved, although so new ...
— The Earthly Paradise - A Poem • William Morris

... of thine of 27th inst., and note contents. It affordeth me consolation that the brig Hazard hath arrived safely in thy port—whereof I myself was an underwriter—also, that a man-child hath been born unto thee and to thy faithful spouse Rebecca. Nevertheless, the house of Crash and Crackitt hath stopped payment, which hath caused sore lamentation amongst the faithful, who have discounted ...
— Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 1, Complete • Various

... imaginings of the boy—the little fellow who loved him, and who, thank God, was not as yet "sorry for him!" Oddly enough, the mother seemed to have taken her place in the background of Hamilton's thoughts. It was her son who appealed to him—the innocent man-child, half American, half Russian, entering so happily and unconsciously on the enhanced uncertainties of life in the tragic ...
— Many Kingdoms • Elizabeth Jordan

... babe Was sickly; and a smile was seen to pass Across the midwife's cheek, when, holding up The feeble wretch, she to the father said, "A fine man-child!" What else could they expect? The father being, as I said before, ...
— The Life of Mansie Wauch - tailor in Dalkeith • D. M. Moir

... instantaneous throe, When the travail of the Ages wrings earth's systems to and fro; At the birth of each new Era, with a recognizing start, Nation wildly looks at nation, standing with mute lips apart, And glad Truth's yet mightier man-child leaps ...
— The Vision of Sir Launfal - And Other Poems • James Russell Lowell

... again Was full upon Helvellyn, the Cotswold lover With a great elm was blasted in a storm, And lay, a burnt thing, in a Cotswold grave. And she went out, took her inheritance, And lived apart, and the man-child was born. She called him Lake, for those fading lakes of dusk, And gave him her own name. And twenty years She tended him, and died; and from her substance Lake Winter now for fifteen years had kept His Sussex acres in fertility. Such was the man, so born, so passionately made, ...
— Preludes 1921-1922 • John Drinkwater

... man, of a mother for the child at her knee, of that child for its mother. But that the great actuating motive of a man's maturity, of the middle span, was vested along with his dreams, his pride and his love, in his son, his man-child. ...
— Dangerous Days • Mary Roberts Rinehart

... being taught by a woman that I am your mither? If a great man like yoursel' dinna ken that, learn it now and ne'er forget it. Ance a woman is the wife of any man, she becomes wife to all men for having had the wifely experience she kens! Ance a man-child has beaten his way to life under the heart of a woman, she is mither to all men, for the hearts of mithers are everywhere the same. Bless ye, laddie, ...
— Freckles • Gene Stratton-Porter

... that ameliorating influence which still leaves them unfit to associate with women. He would point out that "nature" had determined that women should be secluded; that their sphere was to raise and educate the man-child, and that any change would be a violation of the divine law which, in the opinion of all conservative men, ordains the present ...
— The History of Woman Suffrage, Volume IV • Various

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