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Mischievousness   Listen

An attribute of mischievous children.  Synonyms: badness, naughtiness.
The trait of behaving like an imp.  Synonyms: impishness, puckishness, whimsicality.
Reckless or malicious behavior that causes discomfort or annoyance in others.  Synonyms: devilment, devilry, deviltry, mischief, mischief-making, rascality, roguery, roguishness, shenanigan.

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"Mischievousness" Quotes from Famous Books

... The mischievousness of gossip and scandal.—We are not called upon to know everything that is going on; nor to tell everything that we cannot help knowing. Idle curiosity and mischievous gossip result from the direction of our thirst for knowledge toward trifling and unworthy objects. There ...
— Practical Ethics • William DeWitt Hyde

... know about oneself is a natural human right that sweeps away all the pretences of others to tamper with one's consciousness in order to produce what they choose to consider a good character. But they must here bow to the plain mischievousness of entrapping people into contracts on which the happiness of their whole lives depends without letting them ...
— A Treatise on Parents and Children • George Bernard Shaw

... pressing the subject upon a man of his superiority, and that his abrupt climax was a rebuke. But it was only for a moment; her youthful buoyancy, and, above all, a certain common sense that was not incompatible to her high nature, came to her rescue. "But that," she said with quick mischievousness, "would be a SACRIFICE taken in the interest of these people, don't you see; and being ...
— Tales of Trail and Town • Bret Harte

... hero the weakest and most harmless of all animals, and brings him out victorious in contests with the bear, the wolf, and the fox. It is not virtue that triumphs, but helplessness; it is not malice, but mischievousness. It would be presumptuous in me to offer an opinion as to the origin of these curious myth-stories; but, if ethnologists should discover that they did not originate with the African, the proof to that effect should be accompanied with a good deal of ...
— Uncle Remus • Joel Chandler Harris

... the tutelary motives. Hence, the more susceptible a man is to the standing tutelary motives, the less likely is he to yield to temptation; in other words, the less depraved is his disposition. Hence, given the strength of the temptation, the mischievousness of the disposition is as the apparent mischievousness of the act. Given the apparent mischievousness of the act, the less the temptation yielded to, the greater the depravity of disposition; but the stronger the temptation, the less conclusive is the evidence ...
— The World's Greatest Books—Volume 14—Philosophy and Economics • Various

... returned her father, with a slight nervous contraction of the corners of his mouth and eyelids to indicate mischievousness. "I've no doubt they'll both be here. You know they usually are—ha! ha! And what about the two Mattinglys and Philip Kearney, eh?" he continued; "won't ...
— Devil's Ford • Bret Harte

... Mr. Stevens of Boston as he spoke, but, nevertheless, he was perfectly aware of the presence of the girl; also of her eyes and of her smile of amusement with its trace of mischievousness. Becoming conscious of his consciousness of her, he cast her deliberately out of his mind and concentrated upon Mr. Stevens. The two men gazed quite steadily at each other, not to the point of impertinence at all, but nevertheless rather absorbedly. Really it was only for ...
— The Early Bird - A Business Man's Love Story • George Randolph Chester

... said, smiling with something of her old mischievousness. "There is much to be done, and I will take you to Sister Francesca. She will tell you ...
— Lucia Rudini - Somewhere in Italy • Martha Trent

... voices in chorus: "Look out! Look out!" And then the voice of Feller alone, insinuating, with a sinister mischievousness: "What more could you ask? Now that you have him, hold him! For God and ...
— The Last Shot • Frederick Palmer

... about them:—philanthropy, wisdom, faithfulness, straightforwardness, courage, firmness. And the six obfuscations resulting from not liking to learn about them are, respectively, these:—fatuity, mental dissipation, mischievousness, ...
— Chinese Literature • Anonymous

Words linked to "Mischievousness" :   misbehavior, disobedience, hooliganism, mischief-making, blaze, misdeed, mischievous, prankishness, hell, whimsicality, malicious mischief, misbehaviour, fun, vandalism, playfulness, monkey business

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