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North Africa   /nɔrθ ˈæfrəkə/   Listen
North Africa

An area of northern Africa between the Sahara and the Mediterranean Sea.

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"North Africa" Quotes from Famous Books

... habitually played was entitled "Famous Travellers," and even after the lapse of fifty-six years, many of the names still stick in my memory. For instance under "North Africa" came 2, Jules Gerard; 3, Earth; 4, Denham and Clapperton. Jules Gerard's name was familiar to me, for was he not, like the illustrious Tartarin de Tarascon, a tueur de lions? It was, indeed, Jules Gerard's example which first fired ...
— Here, There And Everywhere • Lord Frederic Hamilton

... George E. Woodberry, in his interesting book on North Africa, says in substance that there are only two kinds of religion, the simple and the complex. Mohammedanism he considers a simple religion, like New England Puritanism, with which he thinks it has points in common. Both are very different from Buddhism, for instance. Accepting for the moment ...
— A Librarian's Open Shelf • Arthur E. Bostwick

... In North Africa, Philip II., on his accession, had taken over the troubles of his father, and after the Corsairs had failed in their attack on the Spanish ports of Oran and Mazarquivir, he carried the war once more into the enemy's territory. Finding themselves isolated, they appealed to their overlord, the aged ...
— Knights of Malta, 1523-1798 • R. Cohen

... earth there is want, discord, danger. New forces and new nations stir and strive across the earth, with power to bring, by their fate, great good or great evil to the free world's future. From the deserts of North Africa to the islands of the South Pacific one third of all mankind has entered upon an historic struggle for a new freedom; freedom from grinding poverty. Across all continents, nearly a billion people seek, sometimes almost in desperation, for the skills and knowledge and assistance by which ...
— United States Presidents' Inaugural Speeches - From Washington to George W. Bush • Various

... themselves as excellent examples of this type of building. The archaeologist, however, uses the term in a much more limited sense. He confines it to a series of tombs and buildings constructed in Western Asia, in North Africa, and in certain parts of Europe, towards the end of the neolithic period and during part of the copper and bronze ages which followed it. The structures are usually, though not quite invariably, made of large blocks of unworked or slightly worked stone, and they conform to certain definite types. ...
— Rough Stone Monuments and Their Builders • T. Eric Peet

... to be presented to the Institute as a token of his friendship and good wishes. From the War department of France, a complete collection of all the documents and works, illustrated with a great number of maps, etc., of the French possessions in North Africa, including the neighboring States, viz., the Empires of Morocco, Tunis, etc., published by order and under the superintendence of the Minister of War—sixteen volumes, folio, quarto, and octavo. From the Minister of Agriculture and ...
— Movement of the International Literary Exchanges, between France and North America from January 1845 to May, 1846 • Various

... Christians; the votaries of the new, simple, unswerving faith of Mohammed were ardent and unanimous. In Egypt and Syria the Mohammedans were speedily victorious; the Latin Church and even the Latin language were swept out of North Africa. In Persia the Sassanian dynasty was overthrown, and although there was no immediate and total conversion of the people, Mohammedanism gradually superseded the ancient Zoroastrian cultus as the religion of the Persian State. It was not long before the armies of Islam had triumphed from the Atlantic ...
— Studies in Literature and History • Sir Alfred Comyn Lyall

... that single region of mountainous North Africa of which France already controlled the remainder, Tunis and Algeria. Peoples of the same type inhabited the whole region, but while in Tunis and Algeria they were being brought under the influence of law and ...
— The Expansion of Europe - The Culmination of Modern History • Ramsay Muir

... Mylitta, the Babylonian Venus, where every woman, once in her life, had to come and give herself to the first stranger, who threw a coin in her lap, to worship the goddess. Very similar customs existed in other parts of Western Asia, in North Africa, in Cyprus, and other islands of the Eastern Mediterranean, and also in Greece, where the temple of Aphrodite on the fort at Corinth possessed over a thousand hierodules, dedicated to ...
— Anarchism and Other Essays • Emma Goldman

... over the Berber and working at my dictionary, At Prichard's advice I have lately written to Bunsen to ask his aid in getting the dictionary published. I think it may be of use, as adding one more known language in North Africa to those already accessible, which are, I believe, ...
— Memoir and Letters of Francis W. Newman • Giberne Sieveking

... ancient name of Gulf of Sidra, off North Africa, the chief arm of the Mediterranean on the south, soft Sicily. Sicily is noted for its delightful climate; ...
— Matthew Arnold's Sohrab and Rustum and Other Poems • Matthew Arnold

... on exploration and refugee interdiction since Morocco's 2002 rejection of Spain's unilateral designation of a median line from the Canary Islands; Morocco serves as one of the primary launching areas of illegal migration into Spain from North Africa ...
— The 2005 CIA World Factbook • United States. Central Intelligence Agency

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