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Patsy   /pˈætsi/   Listen

A person who is gullible and easy to take advantage of.  Synonyms: chump, fall guy, fool, gull, mark, mug, soft touch, sucker.

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"Patsy" Quotes from Famous Books

... it in for him," Happy Jack observed. "He asked Patsy if he ever had enchiladas. Patsy won't speak to him no more. He claims Mig-u-ell insulted ...
— Flying U Ranch • B. M. Bower

... Patsy O'Connell sat on the edge of her cot in the women's free ward of the City Hospital. She was pulling on a vagabond pair of gloves while she mentally gathered up a somewhat doubtful, ragged lot of prospects and stood them in a row before her for contemplation, comparison, and ...
— Seven Miles to Arden • Ruth Sawyer

... Patsy, and everything is all right, and you haven't a thing to do but get rested. Will you have your breakfast now, or your luncheon?—because ...
— Patty's Summer Days • Carolyn Wells

... say to yez?" he exclaimed finally. Then having found something, he quickly continued: "Now, Patsy Blunkers, lookout for yezself. It's the divil Oi'll give yez in the primary ...
— The Honorable Peter Stirling and What People Thought of Him • Paul Leicester Ford

... Patsy Doyle; you gimme that baby." cried the man, pleadingly. "I found him myself, and he's mine. I've dragged him here all the way from his home upstairs, an' don't you dare lay a finger on him. ...
— Aunt Jane's Nieces in Society • Edith Van Dyne

... a drag from his cigarette before he answered. "We had to have a patsy—someone to put the blame on. No one really believed that it was just bad luck, but they'll all accept the idea that Bern was ...
— Psichopath • Gordon Randall Garrett

... from the kitchen to the mansion that we came upon another visitor to Shirley. She was short and round and black and smiling and "feelin' tol'ble, thank you, ma'am." This, we learned, was Aunt Patsy. She had "jes heard dat Miss Marion done come home"; and so, arrayed in her best clothes including a spotless checked apron, she had come to "de gre't house" to pay her ...
— Virginia: The Old Dominion • Frank W. Hutchins and Cortelle Hutchins

... know, Patsy," replied his friend, "that it manes our party have made a clane swape ...
— From Wealth to Poverty • Austin Potter

... fights. He also asked pertinently how Hefty expected to support a wife by swimming from one pier to another on the chance of winning ten dollars, and pointed out that even this precarious means of livelihood would be shut off when the winter came. He much preferred "Patsy" Moffat as a prospective son-in-law, because Moffat was one of the proprietors in a local express company with a capital stock of three wagons and two horses. Miss Casey herself, so it seemed to Hefty, was ...
— Van Bibber and Others • Richard Harding Davis

... was engaged, and besides the lessons they learned in their schoolbooks, they were taught both music and dancing. Little Patsy suffered from epilepsy, and after the prescriptions of the regular doctors had done no good, her parents turned to a quack named Evans, who placed on the child's finger an iron ring supposed to have ...
— George Washington • William Roscoe Thayer

... "To be sure, Patsy! But what on earth brings you here at this hour, and in such a storm too? I hope you don't come so far from home ...
— Only an Irish Girl • Mrs. Hungerford

... mind the baby! Arrah, Patsy, mind the child! Wrap him in an overcoat, he's surely going wild! Arrah, Patsy, mind the baby! just you mind the child awhile! He'll kick and bite and cry all night! Arrah, Patsy, ...
— Stalky & Co. • Rudyard Kipling

... not as wise as seven owls, but his courage could throw a shadow as long as the steeple of a cathedral. There were men on Cherry Street who had whipped him five times, but they all knew that Patsy would be as ready for the sixth time as if nothing ...
— Men, Women, and Boats • Stephen Crane

... plate on his door wid 'Marchand de Vins' on it. I knew him by raison of a fancy that took me wan day for a dhrop o' brandy. So I wint in through Achille's door wid thim notes as hot in me pocket as Patsy Donelly's pipe. ...
— Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 156., March 5, 1919 • Various

... comes, and for shame! ye've forgotten the name — Is it Patsy or Michael or Dinnis?' Here the youngster ran out, and the priest gave a shout — 'Take your chance, anyhow, ...
— The Man from Snowy River • Andrew Barton 'Banjo' Paterson

... ranch horses have all been tagged with names. There's "Slip-Along" and "Water Light" and "Bronk" and "Patsy Crocker" and "Pick and Shovel" and "Tumble Weed," and others that I can't remember at the moment. And I find I'm picking up certain of Dinky-Dunk's little habits, and dropping into the trick of looking at things ...
— The Prairie Wife • Arthur Stringer

... Patsy is with her," wailed Miss Wilder. "They ran away, and hid for hours, and then we found them ...
— The Cricket • Marjorie Cooke

... moved them on through the mountains as quickly as possible, always having a brother or uncle, or a cousin—Terry or Timothy or Martin or Patsy—who had a holding "beyant." By these means they could shift stolen stock across the great range, and dispose of them among the peaceable folk who dwelt in the good country on the other side, whose stock they stole in return. Many a good ...
— An Outback Marriage • Andrew Barton Paterson

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