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Pee   /pi/   Listen


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"Pee" Quotes from Famous Books

... Joyn'd his company with ours, who weare about Eighty men out of him, so wee went with all our parties on with corrage, and landed them about twenty leagues short of Puerta Vella in an olde ruinated Port called Puerta Pee; the way was very rocky and bad to march, they goeing near the sea side to Eschape the look-out which thay saw plainely on a high Hill, butt as god would have itt, the look-out did nott see them. this being Wensday they begin to drawe neare Puerta Vella. The Satterday following, about ten ...
— Privateering and Piracy in the Colonial Period - Illustrative Documents • Various

... "In that pee-ogue?" Narcisse smiled the smile of the proficient as he waved his paddle across the canoe. "Mistoo Itchlin,"—the smile passed off,—"I dunno if you'll billiv me, but at the same time I muz tell you ...
— Dr. Sevier • George W. Cable

... exterminating the small proprietors. Erelong, cultivators ceased entirely in the country, and the huge estates of the nobles were cultivated exclusively in pasturage, and by means of slaves. "La classe," says Michelet, "des petits cultivateurs peu a pee a disparu; les grands proprietaires qui leur succederent y suppleerent par des esclaves."[17] It is recorded by Ammianus Marcellinus, that when Rome was taken by the Goths, it contained 1,200,000 inhabitants, and was mainly supported by 1780 great ...
— Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. 341, March, 1844, Vol. 55 • Various

... estando a alma assentada ['a] mesa & o anjo junto com ella em pee, vem os doutores com quatro bacios de cosinha cubertos cantando Vexila regis prodeunt*. E postos na ...
— Four Plays of Gil Vicente • Gil Vicente

... sir. And I says to him, I says, 'Look at me, sir. Just afore I got my blue pill—leastwise it warn't a blue pill, but a bit o' iron—I was good for a five-and-twenty mile march on the level or a climb from eight hay-hem to eight pee-hem, while now four goes up and down the orspital ward and I'm used up.' He's getting on though, sir. You can see it when you cheers ...
— Fix Bay'nets - The Regiment in the Hills • George Manville Fenn

... for the healing art is "wah-pee-yah," which literally means readjusting or making anew. "Pay-jee-hoo-tah," literally root, means medicine, and "wakan" signifies spirit or mystery. Thus the three ideas, while sometimes associated, ...
— The Soul of the Indian - An Interpretation • [AKA Ohiyesa], Charles A. Eastman

... All about!" he chanted, standing in the open doorway nearest to us; and as we responded to his call, he held the door of the dining-net and glided into the details of his menu: "Veg-e-table Soooup!" he sang: "Ro-oast Bee-ef! Pee-es! Bee-ens! Too-mar-toos! Mar-row!" and listening, we felt Brown of the Bulls was being right royally welcomed with as many vegetables as were good for him. But the sweets shrank into ...
— We of the Never-Never • Jeanie "Mrs. Aeneas" Gunn

... Williams, who, with a face of terror, exclaimed, "'Tis a poy in the hall, that I tare not pass for my lifes; he has a pasket full of pees in his hand, and I cannot apide pees, ever since one tay when I was a chilt, and was stung on the nose by a pee. The poy in the hall has a pasketful of pees, ma'am," said Betty, with an imploring accent, to ...
— Tales And Novels, Volume 1 • Maria Edgeworth

... of my father probably—he belongs to one of the best stocks in Carolina—owns a large interest in this wharf, and is an extensive cotton-broker, factors, we call them here—and he owns a large plantation of niggers on Pee-Dee; you must visit our plantation. Captain, certain! before you leave the city. But you mustn't pay much attention to the gossip you'll hear about the city. I pledge you my honor, sir, it don't amount to any thing, nor has it any prominent place in ...
— Manuel Pereira • F. C. Adams

... the packages of fish, Marharvai opened it; and commended its contents to his particular regards. But my comrade was one of those who, on convivial occasions, can always take care of themselves. He ate an indefinite number of "Pee-hee Lee Lees" (small fish), his own and next neighbour's bread-fruit; and helped himself, to right and left, with all the ease of ...
— Omoo: Adventures in the South Seas • Herman Melville

... who rules over all inclines my heart to go and dwell with the Palefaces until I understand them better, and teach them some of the wisdom of the Red-man. I shall return to Red River to-morrow, along with my Paleface brother whose name is Pee-ter, and while I am away I counsel my braves and brothers to dwell and hunt and fish ...
— The Buffalo Runners - A Tale of the Red River Plains • R.M. Ballantyne

... "If Pee-wee Davis threw that sponge I'll skin him alive," announced Slops wrathfully. Instantly the air was filled with flying sponges. Towels, like dripping comets, passed and re-passed, while Doc Cubberly came hobbling in, threatening, imploring and ...
— Skippy Bedelle - His Sentimental Progress From the Urchin to the Complete - Man of the World • Owen Johnson

... from as far away as the Assiniboin country; therefore young Wijunjon feared, but was brave. He bade his wife, Chin-cha-pee, or Fire-bug-that-creeps, and his little children goodby, and with the other Assiniboin and chiefs from the Blackfeet and Crows, set out on a fur company flatboat under protection of Major Sanborn. The Assiniboin women on the shore wept and wailed. His people scarcely ...
— Boys' Book of Indian Warriors - and Heroic Indian Women • Edwin L. Sabin

... last look; with the Jesuits of the French Mission I had exchanged farewells, and before me beamed the sun of promise as he sped towards the Occident. Loveliness glowed around me. I saw fertile fields, riant vegetation, strange trees—I heard the cry of cricket and pee-wit, and sibilant sound of many insects, all of which seemed to tell me, "At last you are started." What could I do but lift my face toward the pure-glowing sky, and cry, "God ...
— How I Found Livingstone • Sir Henry M. Stanley

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