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Reflex action   /rˈiflɛks ˈækʃən/   Listen
Reflex action

An automatic instinctive unlearned reaction to a stimulus.  Synonyms: inborn reflex, innate reflex, instinctive reflex, physiological reaction, reflex, reflex response, unconditioned reflex.

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"Reflex action" Quotes from Famous Books

... might be distinguished for its encouragement of learning and virtue. Nothing more fully shows the dependent condition of a class than the methods used to secure their wishes. Mrs. Adams felt herself obliged to appeal to masculine selfishness in showing the reflex action woman's education would have upon man. "If," said she, "we mean to have heroes, statesmen, and philosophers, we should have learned women." Thus did the Revolutionary Mothers urge the recognition of equal rights when the Government was in the process of formation. Although the first plot ...
— History of Woman Suffrage, Volume I • Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and Matilda Joslyn Gage

... of stimulus, there are certain very definite responses, and these we call instinctive. If the arm or the leg of a sleeper be stroked or touched, or a cold breath of air blows thereon, it will be withdrawn, and such withdrawal is what we call a reflex action. Now, an instinctive action, as Herbert Spencer saw long ago, is a "complex reflex action." It differs from a simple reflex, a mere twitch, such as winking, but it is a complicated, and possibly ...
— Woman and Womanhood - A Search for Principles • C. W. Saleeby

... important distinction of this method of breath-control and voice-management is the fact that it relieves the throat of all pressure, the correct tension and vibration of the vocal cords being brought about by the reflex action of muscles and nerves. This lack of strain on the throat does away with all danger of a throaty quality of voice-production, which not only is highly inartistic but also ...
— The Voice - Its Production, Care and Preservation • Frank E. Miller

... noted. Variability and adaptability offer chances for extended biological inquiries; and it is from just such investigations as these that biology has reason to expect much. The development of activity, the relation of reflex action to instinctive, of impulsive to volitional, and the value of all to the organism, should be made clear by reaction-time study. Such are a few of the broad lines of inquiry which are before the comparative student of animal reaction time. ...
— Harvard Psychological Studies, Volume 1 • Various

... The reflex action upon Rhodes was that unconsciously he drifted into the conviction that every man could be bought, provided one knew what it was he wanted. He understood perfectly well the art of speculating in his neighbours' weaknesses, and thus liked to invite certain people ...
— Cecil Rhodes - Man and Empire-Maker • Princess Catherine Radziwill

... (6) Reflex action persists; the knee jerk is diminished, pointing to relaxation in tone of the muscles; consciousness ...
— Scientific American Supplement, No. 1178, June 25, 1898 • Various

... have a way of making themselves felt by a reflex action on the inner nature," and with this axiom in view we feel that cultivation of the Delsartean Art of Expression becomes a vital part of our education to the end that all our emotions and all our tones may become "the outward and visible signs of an inward and spiritual nature." This principle ...
— Social Life - or, The Manners and Customs of Polite Society • Maud C. Cooke

... suggested by many facts is that inhibition is irradiation or long circuiting to higher and more complex brain areas, so that the energy, whether spontaneous or reflex, is diverted to be used elsewhere. These combinations are of a higher order, more remote from reflex action, and modified by some Jacksonian third level.[9] Action is now not from independent centers, but these are slowly associated, so that excitation may flow off from one point to any other and any reaction may result from ...
— Youth: Its Education, Regimen, and Hygiene • G. Stanley Hall

... specific reflex actions in response to certain sensations. These responses, from the very beginning of animal life, have been toward avoiding pain, and toward receiving pleasure. It is as though the stimulus presses the trigger—instinct—and the muscle responds instantly with reflex action. This mechanism is the means of protection and advancement, and takes largely the place of intelligence in all animal life. It is what makes the baby suck and cry, clutch and pull, until a sense memory is established. So instinct is really race memory. We call instinctive those immediate, ...
— Applied Psychology for Nurses • Mary F. Porter

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