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Round up   /raʊnd əp/   Listen
Round up

Seek out and bring together.

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"Round up" Quotes from Famous Books

... and a warm regard had sprang up. But their exchange of confidences had wholly concerned things pertaining to the forest. Dale ate supper with them, and talked as usual when he met them, without giving any hint of the purpose forming in his mind. After the meal he helped Joe round up the horses, hobble them for the night, and drive them into a grassy glade among the pines. Later, when the shadows stole through the forest on the cool wind, and the camp-fire glowed comfortably, Dale broached ...
— The Man of the Forest • Zane Grey

... my faith, and that may be, you remember well: but he walks the round up and down, through every room o' the house, with a towel in his hand, crying, Where's La-Foole? Who saw La-Foole? and when Dauphine and I demanded the cause, we can force no answer from him, but—O revenge, how sweet art thou! I will strangle him in this towel—which leads us to conjecture ...
— Epicoene - Or, The Silent Woman • Ben Jonson

... trail,' says he; 'but we've done all the telegraphing that the wires'll stand, and we've got these city rangers they call detectives on the lookout. In the meantime, Bud,' says he, 'we'll round up them cows on Brush Creek, and wait for the law to ...
— Sixes and Sevens • O. Henry

... hate water too much to have ever learned how to swim. Now, here's the scheme. Round up as many of them as we're dead sure about, row 'em out to the island, dump 'em with enough food and water to last a week, supply them with tents and beds and tools, and let 'em build their own penitentiary. ...
— West Wind Drift • George Barr McCutcheon

... hot drink." Saltire, flinging the command to the storekeeper, spoke for the first time. "I'll round up the boys and get lanterns for a search." In a few moments there was a flicker of lanterns without, ...
— Blue Aloes - Stories of South Africa • Cynthia Stockley

... good humour he added:—"Sir, I should have released the lady from any further trouble, if it had not been for your remark; but you have reminded me that I want one of the dozen, and I must request Mrs. Cumberland to round up my number."' ...
— Life Of Johnson, Vol. 1 • Boswell, Edited by Birkbeck Hill

... round up the entire outfit, that is what they want us to do. We are to get as many of them as we can, and make the charges after that. That is what you are going inside the ring for: to pick up all the information about the individual members of the ...
— A Woman at Bay - A Fiend in Skirts • Nicholas Carter

... cities where the gran' piannies grow, An' primy donnies round up, it's little that you know Uv the hungerin' an' the yearnin' wich us miners an' the rest Feel for the songs we used to hear before we moved out West. Yes, memory is a pleasant thing, but it weakens mighty quick; It kind uv dries an' ...
— A Little Book of Western Verse • Eugene Field

... time of which we have any record, and even up to within comparatively recent years, large herds of horses and cattle ranged over our plains in a wild state. At first no attempts were made to capture or round up these herds, and later but one or two attempts per year, when the young were branded and grown animals shipped, if possible, or ...
— The Veterinarian • Chas. J. Korinek

... religion: lots of it is better just stated an' not mussed up tryin' to be explained. When a parson tries to tell me why God created this universe, it don't sound reasonable; but when I go out an' look at the stars an' the mountains an' the big sweep o' the plains an' then try to round up all that astronomer feller said about things, why, I just know 'at nobody but God could 'a' done it—an' I reckon it's that way with a child. She trusts you until you get down to her level an' then she sees that the' ain't much difference between you, ...
— Happy Hawkins • Robert Alexander Wason

... Del, and round up two or three of the boys. I've got to get after those fellows. They are the ones that held up the Limited last week. Find out for me what hotel they put up at here. I want their rooms searched. Send somebody round to the ...
— Bucky O'Connor • William MacLeod Raine

... this specimen of Dakota that there are some particles in the language which cannot be represented in a translation. The "do" used at the end of phrases or sentences is only for emphasis and to round up a period. It belongs mainly to the language of young men. "Wo" and "po" are the signs ...
— Illustration Of The Method Of Recording Indian Languages • J.O. Dorsey, A.S. Gatschet, and S.R. Riggs

... some time to come. Now you'd all better settle this goat business while my men are here, and take my advice and drop football if you want to keep on the comfort able and airy side of a gaol. Now then, you fellows from the Flat, round up your goats and look slippy in getting ...
— The Gold-Stealers - A Story of Waddy • Edward Dyson

... them; I saw at least half a dozen go scattering to round up the cattle. The tents began to come down, and I saw three figures that might be the Greeks and the Goanese holding a consultation ...
— The Ivory Trail • Talbot Mundy

... roar of outraged vanity. "Me! Not round up them tame sheep. I'll drive 'em back with their tongues ...
— Man Size • William MacLeod Raine

... of the closing exercises of their High School. Everything takes its color from the peculiar condition of society. A rubber overcoat is a "slicker," and a native pony is a "broncho." Not so inappropriate, either, is the term "The Round Up," for the closing exercises of a school year. It ought to be the round up, a complete circle or sphere of successful work and accomplishment, so far as that period of school-life is concerned. The ...
— American Missionary, Volume 43, No. 10, October, 1889 • Various

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