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Sector   /sˈɛktər/   Listen

A plane figure bounded by two radii and the included arc of a circle.
A social group that forms part of the society or the economy.
A particular aspect of life or activity.  Synonym: sphere.
The minimum track length that can be assigned to store information; unless otherwise specified a sector of data consists of 512 bytes.
A portion of a military position.
Measuring instrument consisting of two graduated arms hinged at one end.

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"Sector" Quotes from Famous Books

... sandbags on top. Here and there was a muddy, bedraggled Tommy half asleep, nursing a dirty and muddy rifle on "sentry go." Everything was very quiet at the moment—no rifles popping, as I had expected, no bullets flying, and, as it happened, absolutely no shelling in the whole sector. ...
— A Yankee in the Trenches • R. Derby Holmes

... outfits sent with the troops quartered in this particular sector was a moving picture machine and many reels of film. But, as Sam Drew had said, the machine ...
— The Moving Picture Boys on the War Front - Or, The Hunt for the Stolen Army Films • Victor Appleton

... upon the roads to St. Omer and the south, and thought of the days last April, when squadron after squadron of French cavalry came riding hot and fast along them to the relief of our hard-pressed troops, after the break of the Portuguese sector of the line at Richebourg St. Vaast. But our way lay north, not south, through a district that seemed strangely familiar to me, though in fact I had only passed forty-eight hours in it, in 1916. Forty-eight hours, however, in the war-zone, at a time of active fighting, and that long before ...
— Fields of Victory • Mrs. Humphry Ward

... at South Georgia were generously ready to share with me their knowledge of the waters in which they pursued their trade, and, while confirming earlier information as to the extreme severity of the ice conditions in this sector of the Antarctic, they were able to give advice ...
— South! • Sir Ernest Shackleton

... a year's service as a camion driver with the French amry in the Chemin-des-Dames sector and a year's service with the A.E.F. as an infantry private on special duty with "The Stars and Stripes," the official A.E.F. newspaper. Most of them were drawn at odd minutes during the French push ...
— "I was there" - with the Yanks in France. • C. LeRoy Baldridge

... major; change of target to be avoided; hostile firing line usual target. Ordinarily the major will assign to the company an objective in attack or sector in defense; the company's target will lie within the limits so assigned. In the choice of target, tactical considerations are paramount; the nearest hostile troops within the objective or sector will ...
— Manual of Military Training - Second, Revised Edition • James A. Moss

... was moved about a good deal from sector to sector, and Alan often found himself in pleasant places, and got a good deal of positive enjoyment out of his life. On June 18, 1915, he wrote to ...
— Poems • Alan Seeger

... order that would send them "up the line," a group of officers was gathered in the senior major's hut for the purpose of studying in detail some photographs, secured by our aircraft, of the enemy trenches immediately opposite their own sector of the front line. They had finished their study, and were engaged in the diverting and pleasant exercise of ragging each other. The particular subject of that discussion was their various sprinting abilities, and the comparative usefulness of various kinds of funk-holes ...
— The Sky Pilot in No Man's Land • Ralph Connor

... if an orange (paragraph 9) were split into ten sectors instead of five, with red, yellow, green, blue, and purple as alternate sectors, while half of each adjoining color pair were united to form the sector between them. The original order of five hues is in no wise disturbed, but linked ...
— A Color Notation - A measured color system, based on the three qualities Hue, - Value and Chroma • Albert H. Munsell

... material things is the subject that absorbs the economist. The sociologist makes use of the facts and principles of economics to throw light on the economic functions of society, but the economic field is only one sector of his concern. In a similar way political science is related to sociology. It deals with the organization and development of government and embraces the departments of national and international law, but the governmental function of the social group is but one of the divisions of the interests ...
— Society - Its Origin and Development • Henry Kalloch Rowe

... latter's executors. In 1721 he got a transit instrument, and in 1726 a mural quadrant by Graham. His successor in 1742, Bradley, replaced this by a fine brass quadrant, eight feet radius, by Bird; and Bradley's zenith sector was purchased for the observatory. An instrument like this, specially designed for zenith stars, is capable of greater rigidity than a more universal instrument; and there is no trouble with refraction in the zenith. ...
— History of Astronomy • George Forbes

... of transmitting power employed on a few machines. In these, a band or line passes over the circumference of a sector or wheel, and the power is directly applied to it. The motion of the feet in the omnicycle, and of the hands and body in the Oarsman, is therefore uniform. There would be no harm in this if it were not for the starting and the ...
— Scientific American Supplement, No. 447, July 26, 1884 • Various

... demanded, as soon as they were wide enough awake to realize what he was saying. "That German lieutenant that you brought in had papers on him that showed the whole plan of the German campaign in this sector for a month ahead. You ...
— The Brighton Boys in the Radio Service • James R. Driscoll

... and Bavarian troops, according to details received from the front, resulted from the taking of five forts in the northern sector and the simultaneous threatening of the forts on the south ...
— New York Times Current History; The European War, Vol 2, No. 4, July, 1915 - April-September, 1915 • Various

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