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Stellar   /stˈɛlər/   Listen

Indicating the most important performer or role.  Synonyms: leading, prima, star, starring.  "Prima ballerina" , "Prima donna" , "A star figure skater" , "The starring role" , "A stellar role" , "A stellar performance"
Being or relating to or resembling or emanating from stars.  Synonym: astral.  "Stellar light"

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"Stellar" Quotes from Famous Books

... they were pleased by his admiration, and wondered yet again why any little show of approval by him was so eagerly received. Even though he was the first stellar visitor in their recorded history, Kinton remained conscious of the fact that in many fields he was unable to offer the Tepoktans any new ideas. In one or two ways, he believed, no Terran could teach ...
— Exile • Horace Brown Fyfe

... exclaimed, and not even her wonder at the insignificance of the stellar display of which she had heard so much could cloak the fact that Hozier was ...
— The Stowaway Girl • Louis Tracy

... units h and m, and ordinals th and st were printed as superscripts. For readability, they have not been represented as such in this file. Similarly for the and - signs when used to describe intermediate stellar colours. ...
— Lectures on Stellar Statistics • Carl Vilhelm Ludvig Charlier

... Nebular Cosmogony, which is well characterized by himself as his "version of the romance of Nature," is based on the assumption that "the nebulous matter of space, previously to the formation of stellar and planetary bodies, must have been a universal FIRE-MIST,"[30] in other words, a diffused luminous vapor, intensely hot, which might be gradually condensed into a fluid, and then into a solid state, by losing less or more of its heat. The existence ...
— Modern Atheism under its forms of Pantheism, Materialism, Secularism, Development, and Natural Laws • James Buchanan

... slowly. "Stellar Guard Investigations? Yes, and I suspect he could wear quite a bit of silver lace, too, if he wanted to get dressed up." He clasped ...
— The Best Made Plans • Everett B. Cole

... we know it in this world go its own way with the same disregard of the precious thing we call life? Such long and patient preparations for it,—apparently the whole stellar system in labor pains to bring it forth,—and yet held so cheaply and indifferently in the end! The small insect that just now alighted in front of my jack-plane as I was dressing a timber, and was reduced to a faint yellow stain upon the wood, is typical of ...
— Time and Change • John Burroughs

... Gallagher had been responsible for the plan by means of which he had rescued us. Moreover, he had insisted on taking the stellar role in carrying it out, dangerous as the part had been. It was his way of wiping out ...
— The Pirate of Panama - A Tale of the Fight for Buried Treasure • William MacLeod Raine

... without experiment, which belongs to a later stage of scientific development, little progress could be here made. The ancients, accordingly, were far less successful in dealing with light than in dealing with solar and stellar motions. Still they did make some progress. They satisfied themselves that light moved in straight lines; they knew also that light was reflected from polished surfaces, and that the angle of incidence was equal to ...
— Six Lectures on Light - Delivered In The United States In 1872-1873 • John Tyndall

... through the pardoning grace of Christ I am so happy as to reach the place of your destination. Meet me at the gate of the city; or under the tree of life on the bank of the river; or just inside of the door of the House of Many Mansions; or in the hall of the Temple which has no need of stellar or lunar or solar illumination, "For the Lamb is the ...
— T. De Witt Talmage - As I Knew Him • T. De Witt Talmage

... about the sun—had received confirmation by the observations of Galileo and Tycho Brahe, and the mathematical investigations of Kepler and Newton. As early as 1573, Thomas Digges had suggested that this theory should necessitate a parallactic shifting of the stars, and, consequently, if such stellar parallaxes existed, then the Copernican theory would receive additional confirmation. Many observers claimed to have determined such parallaxes, but Tycho Brahe and G. B. Riccioll concluded that they existed only in the ...
— Project Gutenberg Encyclopedia

... stellar firmament there are sometimes two suns which determine the path of one planet, and in certain cases suns of different colours shine around a single planet, now with red light, now with green, and then ...
— Beyond Good and Evil • Friedrich Nietzsche

... surrounds the borders of our island in space like a stellar garland, and when openings appear in it they are, by contrast, far more impressive than the general darkness of the interstellar expanse seen in other directions. Yet even that expanse is not everywhere equally dark, for it contains gloomy deeps discernable ...
— Curiosities of the Sky • Garrett Serviss

... place except on earth are new souls being created. This gives you the greatest and grandest idea of the dignity of life and its inestimable value. But it is as difficult to describe the higher wonders of the stellar worlds to you as to picture the glories of sunset to a blind man, for you have experienced nothing with which to compare them. Instead of seeing all that really is, you see but a ...
— A Journey in Other Worlds • J. J. Astor

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