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Suborder Sauria   Listen
Suborder Sauria

True lizards; including chameleons and geckos.  Synonyms: Lacertilia, Sauria, suborder Lacertilia.

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Words linked to "Suborder Sauria" :   Iguania, family Pygopodidae, family Iguanidae, Xenosauridae, Iguanidae, Agamidae, Pygopodidae, family Helodermatidae, family Xenosauridae, Teiidae, family Agamidae, Gekkonidae, family Anguidae, Varanidae, Scincidae, saurian, family Amphisbaenidae, Cordylidae, Rhiptoglossa, Amphisbaenidae, family Gekkonidae, Chamaeleontidae, family Anniellidae, Xantusiidae, Chamaeleonidae, family Iguania, Lanthanotidae, family Lanthanotidae, family Xantusiidae, animal order, family Teiidae, Helodermatidae, Anniellidae, order Squamata, family Lacertidae, Squamata, family Scincidae, family Rhiptoglossa, family Chamaeleontidae, family Varanidae, Anguidae, Lacertidae, family Cordylidae, family Chamaeleonidae

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