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Suffragist   /sˈəfrədʒɪst/   Listen

An advocate of the extension of voting rights (especially to women).

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"Suffragist" Quotes from Famous Books

... that help themselves," Peter said, "that's why Gertrude is a suffragist. She believes in helping herself, in ...
— Turn About Eleanor • Ethel M. Kelley

... is that right to the mass of women without property, the thousands of wage workers, who live from hand to mouth? That equal suffrage did not, and cannot, affect their condition is admitted even by Dr. Sumner, who certainly is in a position to know. As an ardent suffragist, and having been sent to Colorado by the Collegiate Equal Suffrage League of New York State to collect material in favor of suffrage, she would be the last to say anything derogatory; yet we are informed that "equal suffrage ...
— Anarchism and Other Essays • Emma Goldman

... never told me before, Rose Mary, that you belong to the new-woman persuasion, with a college hall-mark and suffragist leanings. I have made the mistake of putting you in the home-guard brigade and classing you fifty years behind your times. Don't tell me you have an M.A. I can't ...
— Rose of Old Harpeth • Maria Thompson Daviess

... belle [Sp.], matron, dowager, goody, gammer^; Frau [G.], frow^, Vrouw [Du.], rani; good woman, good wife; squaw; wife &c (marriage) 903; matronage, matronhood^. bachelor girl, new woman, feminist, suffragette, suffragist. nymph, wench, grisette^; girl &c (youth) 129. [Effeminacy] sissy, betty, cot betty [U.S.], cotquean^, henhussy^, mollycoddle, muff, old woman. [Female animal] hen, bitch, sow, doe, roe, mare; she goat, Nanny goat, tabita; ewe, cow; lioness, tigress; vixen. gynecaeum^. estrogen, oestrogen. consanguinity ...
— Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases: Body • Roget

... social leader and suffragist, had scarcely more than introduced herself when she launched earnestly into the reason for ...
— The War Terror • Arthur B. Reeve

... us run about. But when it comes to real freedom—freedom of intellect and of character, English women are simply another kind of being from us. I met a cabinet minister's wife—he's a Conservative in everything, and she's an ardent suffragist; she not merely gives money, she makes speeches and has a public name. Yet they are friends, and have a happy home-life. Do you suppose my husband would consider such ...
— Sylvia's Marriage • Upton Sinclair

... to the exploitation of the recent suffragist movement in England. It is a book not easily forgotten by any thoughtful reader."—Chicago ...
— Honey-Sweet • Edna Turpin

... government, the allies and confederates of criminals and anarchists. It is worth noting, moreover, how easily their passive resistance develops into more active forms of rebellion. Not for long was the Suffragist content to remain merely defensive in revolt; soon she emerged with whips for Cabinet Ministers, hammers for windows, and bombs for churches. Resistant Trade Unionists rapidly and generally slide into sabotage and personal violence. The No-Conscriptionists of Ireland threaten ...
— Freedom In Service - Six Essays on Matters Concerning Britain's Safety and Good Government • Fossey John Cobb Hearnshaw

... an anti-Suffragist, but, though she held strong opinions, nothing would have induced her to air them at that moment. Her whole being quailed at the prospect of arguing with this woman. She returned hurriedly ...
— Piccadilly Jim • Pelham Grenville Wodehouse

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