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Swash   Listen

(past & past part. swashed; pres. part. swashing)
Make violent, noisy movements.
Dash a liquid upon or against.  Synonyms: plash, spatter, splash, splatter, splosh.
Show off.  Synonyms: blow, bluster, boast, brag, gas, gasconade, shoot a line, tout, vaunt.
Act in an arrogant, overly self-assured, or conceited manner.  Synonyms: bluster, swagger.

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"Swash" Quotes from Famous Books

... the half-effaced quarterings of an ancient house, and you halt, almost expecting that the rusted hinges will creak a warning and the wooden halves begrudgingly divide, and that from under the slewed arch will issue a most gallant swashbuckler with his buckles all buckled and his swash swashing; hence the name. ...
— Europe Revised • Irvin S. Cobb

... Strowd, in "The Blind Beggar of Bethnal Green," written long before it was printed in 1659, the following:—"As God mend me, and ere thou com'st into Norfolk, I'll give thee as good a dish of Norfolk dumplings as ere thou laydst thy lips to;" and in another passage of the same drama, where Swash's shirt has been stolen, while he is in bed, he describes himself "as naked as your Norfolk dumplin." In the play just quoted, Old Strowd, a Norfolk yeoman, speaks of his contentment with good beef, Norfolk bread, and country home-brewed drink; and in the "City Madam," ...
— Old Cookery Books and Ancient Cuisine • William Carew Hazlitt

... guard, standing motionless in the swash of the rout, like rocks in running water, held out till night. They awaited the double shadow of night and death, and let them surround them. Each regiment, isolated from the others, and no longer connected with the army, which was broken on all sides, died where ...
— Volume 1 of Brann The Iconoclast • William Cowper Brann

... here it is, a few miles from St. Louis, on a charming little river, in the wilds of the West, near the Mississippi. I went down that way to-day by the Iron Mountain Railroad—was switch'd off on a side-track four miles through woods and ravines, to Swash Creek, so-call'd, and there found Crystal city, and immense Glass Works, built (and evidently built to stay) right in the pleasant rolling forest. Spent most of the day, and examin'd the inexhaustible and peculiar sand the glass ...
— Complete Prose Works - Specimen Days and Collect, November Boughs and Goodbye My Fancy • Walt Whitman

... warm light from the stove. Too, he remembered how he and his companions used to go from the school-house to the bank of a shaded pool. He saw his clothes in disorderly array upon the grass of the bank. He felt the swash of the fragrant water upon his body. The leaves of the overhanging maple rustled with melody in the wind ...
— The Art Of Writing & Speaking The English Language - Word-Study and Composition & Rhetoric • Sherwin Cody

... which none are ready, dashes in, and with it tumble ashore, in one great wreck of humanity, small craft and large, stout hulk and swift clipper, helm first, topsail down, forestay-sail in tatters, keel up, everything gone to pieces in the swash of the surges. ...
— Around The Tea-Table • T. De Witt Talmage

... whom it had been his intention to abandon the brig. The effect of all this cargo was to bring the yawl quite low in the water; and every seafaring man in her had the greatest apprehensions about her being able to float at all when she got out from under the lee of the Swash, or into the troubled water. Try it she must, however, and Spike, in a reluctant and hesitating manner, gave the final order ...
— Graham's Magazine Vol XXXII No. 1 January 1848 • Various

... so, he discovered a steamer, which had just passed through the narrow opening between Odderoe and the main land, and whose course lay close to the point of the island where the cutter was moored. He saw that the swash of the steamer was likely to throw the boat on the rocks, and grind her planking upon the sharp points of ...
— Up The Baltic - Young America in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark • Oliver Optic

... Rudolph's castle, not a road that did not clack romantically with horses' hoofs on bold adventure. But the wars have changed all this by bringing too sharp a light upon the dim scenery of this pageantry, and swash-bucklery ...
— Journeys to Bagdad • Charles S. Brooks

... when I had stepped out into the swash of the rain. "Frankly, I hardly enjoyed it. You drive like ...
— The Blue Wall - A Story of Strangeness and Struggle • Richard Washburn Child

... continent's metropolis, but another Battery, overlooking another harbor, or estuary, landlocked save for an entrance about a mile in width. Behind him lay, not a great, but a little, city; hardly more than a big town; before him a few vessels of moderate tonnage placidly plied the main or swash channels. ...
— A Man and His Money • Frederic Stewart Isham

... he is pugnax, bellicosus, gladiator, a fire-eater and swash-buckler, beyond all Christian measure; a very sucking Entellus, Sir Richard, and will do to death some of her majesty's lieges erelong, if he be not wisely curbed. It was but a month agone that he bemoaned himself, I hear, as Alexander did, because there were ...
— Westward Ho! • Charles Kingsley

Words linked to "Swash" :   triumph, exaggerate, overdraw, puddle, slush, splosh, slosh around, dust, do, sprinkle, go, act, slush around, scatter, brag, behave, overstate, travel, move, gloat, splatter, moving ridge, slosh, hyperbolize, boast, disperse, crow, hyperbolise, dot, tout, wave, puff, amplify, locomote, magnify

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