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Corona   /kərˈoʊnə/   Listen

(pl. L. coronae, E. coronas)
The outermost region of the sun's atmosphere; visible as a white halo during a solar eclipse.  Synonym: aureole.
(botany) the trumpet-shaped or cup-shaped outgrowth of the corolla of a daffodil or narcissus flower.
An electrical discharge accompanied by ionization of surrounding atmosphere.  Synonyms: corona discharge, corposant, electric glow, Saint Elmo's fire, Saint Elmo's light, Saint Ulmo's fire, Saint Ulmo's light, St. Elmo's fire.
One or more circles of light seen around a luminous object.
(anatomy) any structure that resembles a crown in shape.
A long cigar with blunt ends.

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"Corona" Quotes from Famous Books

... breves rosas, Nam vita gaudet mortua floribus; Herbisque odoratis corona Vatis adhuc ...
— Calamities and Quarrels of Authors • Isaac D'Israeli

... altar, striking upwards from the floor of the sanctuary, gleamed a corona of light. Charles—she could not for a moment doubt that it was Charles's doing—had moved the six high, heavy silver candlesticks which always stood on either side of the altar, and had placed them on ...
— Studies in love and in terror • Marie Belloc Lowndes

... of the condemned was also placed a conical paper cap, about three feet high, slightly resembling a mitre, called corona or crown. This was painted with flames and devils in like manner with the dress.] or penitential habit for two years, and then be banished ...
— Life in the Grey Nunnery at Montreal • Sarah J Richardson

... five rooms and a kitchen. The body of this imposing building stood twenty feet square upon the ground. The kitchen measured nine feet by eight, and there was a wood-shed three feet wide, in which Puella managed to pile the wood and various domestic mysteries into which Corona felt no desire to penetrate. There were a parlor, a dining-room, a guest-room, and two rooms left for 'the family.' There were two closets, a coal-bin, and a loft. The house stood on what, for want of a scientific term, Corona called piers.... Corona's house ...
— Lippincott's Magazine, October 1885 • Various

... quite ready. The priest was standing a little absentmindedly, looking up. The pale green streamers were fringed with the tenderest rose colour, and from the corona uniting them at the zenith, they shot out across the heavens, with a rapid circular and lateral motion, paling one moment, flaring up again ...
— The Magnetic North • Elizabeth Robins (C. E. Raimond)

... it, get Proctor's book on the Sun at the same time, and refer to his coloured plates of the protuberances, corona, etc., which marvellously correspond with what Matthieu Williams's theory requires. The author is a practical chemist engaged in iron manufacture, and it is from furnace chemistry that he has been led ...
— Alfred Russel Wallace: Letters and Reminiscences, Vol. 1 (of 2) • James Marchant

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