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Criminal offense   /krˈɪmənəl əfˈɛns/   Listen
Criminal offense

(criminal law) an act punishable by law; usually considered an evil act.  Synonyms: crime, criminal offence, law-breaking, offence, offense.

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"Criminal offense" Quotes from Famous Books

... in 1872, women attempted to vote in many parts of the country, in some cases their votes being received, in others rejected.[5] The vote of Miss Anthony was accepted in Rochester, N. Y., and she was then arrested for a criminal offense, tried and fined in the U. S. Circuit Court at Canandaigua, by Associate Justice Ward Hunt of the U. S. Supreme Court. There is no more flagrant judicial outrage on record. The full account of this case, in which she was refused the right of ...
— The History of Woman Suffrage, Volume IV • Various

... artist. "But what a little monkey! I was in the front row, and he called my attention to everything he was going to do, sometimes in Russian, sometimes in dreadful French, or in English that was really a criminal offense, and very often with his right elbow. He has a way of nudging the air in one's direction so that one feels it in one's side. Animal magnetism, I suppose. And he begs for sympathy as if it were a biscuit. Do you know him, ...
— The Way of Ambition • Robert Hichens

... trial—the complaint, warrant and return. But the complainant simply alleges upon oath, that a crime against his person or property has been threatened. The examination is conducted as in case of a criminal offense. ...
— Studies in Civics • James T. McCleary

... again," smiled Polly, "if you'll stop scowling and say nice things to me. It isn't a criminal offense, Marc Scott, for an unmarried man to fall in love with me. Don't feel so badly ...
— Across the Mesa • Jarvis Hall

... distributed among its several departments by the fundamental law. Happily for the people of Great Britain, as well as those of the United States, the only mode by which an individual arraigned for a criminal offense before the courts of either can obtain his discharge is by the independent action of the judiciary and by proceedings equally familiar to the ...
— Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present • Various

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